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Home News Digital Trends Live: Workers may strike, HQ Trivia is back, SpaceX delivers

Digital Trends Live: Workers may strike, HQ Trivia is back, SpaceX delivers

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler dives into the biggest-trending stories in tech, including possible strikes during the coronavirus pandemic, a new breathing aid, the return of HQ Trivia, SpaceX’s lunar deliveries, and more.

Scott Mercer

Scott Mercer, founder and chief executive officer of Volta, discusses the top three things electric vehicles need in order to bring about the EV revolution.

We then take a look at the effects of the coronavirus on the photography industry, from product delays to event cancellations.

With more people trying to get in to see their doctors, medical professionals are encouraging them to utilize different technologies instead of in-person visits, including telehealth options and virtual medicine.

It’s that time of week when we take a look at awesome tech you can’t buy yet. DT Senior Editor Drew Prindle highlights some upcoming crowdfunding projects, including a magnetic cord wrangler, the Arkade Motion Blaster, and a building brick waffle maker.


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