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Home News Save space in your pocket with these Galaxy S20 Ultra wallet cases

Save space in your pocket with these Galaxy S20 Ultra wallet cases

Samsung’s largest phone to date is the Galaxy S20 Ultra. While some people might be against the idea of adding any extra bulk to an extra-large phone, a wallet case is the most sensible option since it provides complete protection while also letting you store some daily essentials right with your phone. These are the best wallet cases for the Galaxy S20 Ultra we’ve seen so far.

Classic folio design

Feitenn Fabric Wallet


Staff Pick

Rather than the classic leather look, this folio uses chevron-covered fabric. There’s room for three cards and cash inside, and the first card slot is see-through so that you can display your driver’s license or other ID.

$11 at Amazon

Carry your cards

Olixar Flip Wallet Cover


Olixar offers a faux-leather wallet case that’s perfect for the working professional on a budget. The design is slim and sleek with just two card slots on the front cover and the back is thin enough to support wireless charging. Choose between black and brown styles.

$13 at Amazon

Luxurious leather

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet


Snakehive used genuine leather for its folio wallet cases, and they always look and feel wonderful. It’s available in seven beautiful colors including the teal model featured above, and because it’s made with European full-grain nubuck leather these cases only get more beautiful as they age.

$38 at Snakehive

Heavy duty storage

Olixar X-Ranger


This looks like just another heavy-duty case until you flip open the card slot cover at the bottom (which doubles as a kickstand). You can carry up a couple of cards or cash and it includes a multi-tool card.

$20 at Amazon

Slash and stash

Smartish Wallet Slayer


This wise-cracking case brand has some jokes, but also tries to give you a good case. It says you can fit three cards plus cash on the back of your phone while still enjoying the convenience of wireless charging. The exterior edges are grippy and there’s even the option to create your own design for the back of the phone.

$20 at Amazon

Hidden compartment

VRS Design Damda Glide Pro


This case looks like your standard heavy-duty case from most angles, with grippy edges and ample protection around the camera and display. The hidden card slot can hold up to four cards with cash which is the biggest capacity on our list.

$25 at Amazon

Add functionality with a wallet case

The bigger the phone, the harder to hold comfortably. You can find a wallet case that fits perfectly into your lifestyle whether you prefer the natural feel of leather or want a rugged design with grippy edges.

Your best value for folio-style cases is the Feitenn Fabric Wallet that’s available in three color styles colors and conveniently designed for daily use with the ID card slot and durable construction.

If you’d rather store your cards behind your phone and keep a sleeker profile, you should consider the Olixar X-Ranger. The case itself is designed to be rugged with the card slot cover pulling double duty as a kickstand.


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