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Protect your Galaxy Z Flip with the best cases we can find today

Samsung has given us the most promising and functional foldable yet, but the Galaxy Z Flip has one small flaw to its mirror-finished body: It’s slippery as an eel! Even when you set it down on a flat surface, it has a tendency to slowly slide around, slipping off wireless chargers and tables. The case market for the Z Flip is incredibly slim, but here’s what you can use to protect your expensive new phone.

Premium feel

Samsung Leather Cover


Staff pick

Samsung’s official case is a luscious leather that adds grip and scratch protection to your mirror-finished Z Flip. I wish more colors were available, but silver and black go with all color models.

$80 at Samsung

Rugged and reliable

Case-Mate Tough Flip


This rugged model connects the two shell halves with a flexible piece that provides some cover and impact protection. The Tough Flip adds up to 10 feet of drop protection and needed grip.

$40 at eBay

Clear and classy

Araree Nukin


The Z Flip might come with a clear case in the box, but it’s flimsy. This hard clear case offers a micro-dot pattern to prevent splotching, and there’s an anchor point for attaching a lanyard or phone charm.

$19 at Amazon

Flash of color

Araree Aero


Unfortunately, there aren’t many colored cases for the Z Flip yet, but if Mirror Black and Mirror Purple aren’t to your liking, you can get a bright red case for a more unique look.

$20 at Amazon

Name brand protection

Spigen Thin Fit


This thin polycarbonte case won’t add bulk but will add grip and scratch protection to your Z Flip. If you like to use magnetic car mounts, Spigen leaves just enough gap for a magnetic plate inside.

$30 at Amazon

Grip and glamour

The Galaxy Z Flip is still a new and very expensive phone that is in relatively short supply right now, it’s not a huge surprise that case offerings right now are equally slim. The official Samsung leather cover gives us a nice premium option for this premium-priced phone, but it’s also almost twice the price of Samsung’s leather covers for its other Galaxy phones.

If you want more robust protection, there is one option right now from Case-Mate: the Case-Mate Tough Grip. Drop protection up to 10 feet is impressive for a folding case, and it features good definition for the buttons and around the fingerprint sensor.

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