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Home News Keep your phone clean and happy with these microfiber cloths

Keep your phone clean and happy with these microfiber cloths

No matter if it’s a smartphone, laptop, TV, or anything else in between, all of your tech gadgets deserve to be regularly cleaned. Getting rid of gunk and grime not only keeps them looking great, but it also helps to ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities for years to come. If you’re ready to take your cleaning game to the next level, here are a few microfiber cloths and sprays we recommend picking up.

Keep the cloth clean

MightyMicroCloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (6 Pack)

Staff pick


Know what happens if you keep a microfiber cloth loose in your pants pocket? It gets dirty and sweaty, and then it doesn’t really clean your screen; it just rearranges the smudges. A clean cloth is a happy cloth, and these cloths with included sleeves keep things happy.

$16 at Amazon

Clip it on

SPUDZ Classic Microfiber Cloth Screen Cleaner


Hate the way plastic pouches slip out of pockets? This cloth stows in a stretchy machine-washable pouch, which you can clip to your belt loop so that you don’t lose it. You can also get it in cool colors and two sizes.

$5 at Amazon

Multi-function microfiber

SenseAGE 3-in-1 Reusable Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth


Far prettier than the solid-colored cloths we usually find, this single oversized cloth has two important functions beyond wiping down your screen. You can use it as a travel mouse pad, and it can keep your keyboard from imprinting on your laptop screen.

$8 at Amazon

For home or office

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit


If smudged, grimed-up screens are the bane of your cleaning existence, this kit is great for keeping around the house or stashing it away in a drawer in your office. It’s alcohol and ammonia-free and comes with a microfiber cloth for streak-free, lint-free wipe-downs.

$10 at Amazon

Go big or go home

Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt


Is this overkill? Maybe, but why just get a small cloth for cleaning your screens around the house — from 6-inch phones to 60-inch TVs — when you can get this microfiber mitt and clean all screens quickly. I also keep one in my car for my infotainment screen.

$9 at Amazon

Tremendous value

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


AmazonBasics’ 24-pack of microfiber cloths is one of the best bang-for-your-buck deals out there. The cloths are non-abrasive, meaning they won’t scratch your screen even when doing a good, deep clean. They can also be used for all other sorts of chores, and the fact that you get 24 cloths for such a low price is kind of bonkers.

$10 at Amazon

Clean early, often, and everywhere

I’ve worn glasses for 20 years now, and the mentality for cleaning your glasses should be exactly the mentality for cleaning your phone or laptop screen: The more often you clean your screen, the less likely you are to experience build-up and the longer it will take for the oils and grime in your fingerprints to eat away at the coatings on your screen. While a kit like WOOSH! Screen Cleaner is great for cleaning when you’re at home, most of us spend most of our day out and about in the world. We just need a clean, dependable cloth we can use when we notice some smudges while waiting for a meeting to start or while walking from one appointment to another.

The value of the MightyMicroCloth multi-pack is great and the flat plastic sleeves are easy to slip into a pants pocket or a purse. The last time my coworkers got together for a company-wide conference, I got me about two dozen of these off the swag table and have stashed them everywhere from my car to my office to my couch to my shoulder holster. They’re great, but the plastic pouches will rip over time, which is why spares are handy.

If you tend to lose small things like microfiber cloths, I recommend doing what most camera nerds do: get a stretchy clip-on like the Spudz Classic that can clip onto a camera strap or onto your belt loop. That way, a clean cloth is just as close as that filthy shirt hem we all use when we need a quick wipe-down. You can even upgrade to a 10-inch model that’s easier for wiping down tablets and laptop touchscreens.


Hill Climbing Racing APK download

Hill Climb Racing Mod is a game that gives gamers a great opportunity to experience driving, racing in all sorts of areas. The mode is set in an alternative version of the modern era, which has been replaced by the introduction of the world-famous Autobahn, a network of autobayways that connects countries around the world. The Autobahnway network is divided into six regions, called Autobahland.Hill climbing racing is very similar to its predecessor Road Dadura in that it includes some racing competitions. The main difference between the two is that the road rash allows you to run as a pedestrian, while the plow racer allows you to run on tracks that are designed like steep mountains. However, many improvements were made to make the game more exciting and enjoyable.One improvement is the fact that you are not allowed to use weapons during the race. You have to run on a normal road. This is done to make the game realistic. Another improvement is the fact that you need to complete specific tasks at a specific location to progress through the levels. For example, you may need the required points before moving on to the next level.The Hill Climb Racing Mode app is an exciting road and street game in which you have to perform a variety of stunts and earn as much as you can along the way. Join when you take an important step from time to time. The main story line will provide a lot of reasons why you need to download this game on your Android smartphone. The player who completes the story will be presented with an introductory screen, which states that the game is for you and gives you basic information about the various features offered in the game. From this intro screen, you will be given the option to select the game you want to download.This game has a huge collection of stunts that can be done with your smartphone to enhance your experience level. You can download different cars available for use in the game with different parts and accessories that will help you accomplish your goals. In addition, there are many features such as driving through tunnels, making sharp turns, controlling the speed of your vehicle, avoiding traffic jams, and so on, that you can play this game without the risk of getting anything. Will enjoy Damaged in case of accidents.If you’ve already played other mountain hill climb racing mod APK games in the past, you can still enjoy this racing game. In addition to improving your skills and beating your record, you will also be able to play this racing game for free as the download process will only take a few minutes. Unlike other websites that cause a virus to spread on your phone, our site is completely secure, and you can trust us without hesitation!Hill Climbing Race FeaturesIn Hill Climb Racing, you choose the track, choose the cars, choose the routes and decide how many races you want to take part in.The first thing you will notice about the game is how well it flows with the flow of the game. When the car starts, you will know that it is already at its own speed. Therefore, when you hit a corner, the car will slow down at a certain point so that the racer can control the wheel and maintain the desired speed.There are some features included in this game, but it’s not too hard to work around. Some of the features included include custom car features, where you can customize the shape and color of your car. This is especially helpful if you are a person who wants to reshape your carAnother great thing about the game is that you can listen to music while playing. This means you can listen to your favorite songs during the race. The songs included with this game include some of my favorite favorites, such as “Fast Lane,” “The Game,” “The Roots,” and “Jagged Little Bullet.”Overall, Hill Climb Racing has everything that people see in an online racing game, and the added feature is the ability to listen to music while racing, so you can enjoy the music of your choice. Maybe when you get your adrenaline pumping…The only thing that makes this game a little harder is to add an option to select the track. The graphics of the game are so good that I can’t even imagine how they could add another.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.As with any sideloading of APK files from websites and sources, please exercise caution.

LG K92 5G packs big screen, five cameras, and 5G, just $359

LG on Thursday announced its newest smartphone, the K92 5G, for a smattering of wireless service providers. Priced just $359, it offers up a large screen, four rear cameras, and support for 5G networks.The LG K92 5G is powered by Android 10 and features hardware that walks the line between mid-range and upper-end. By most accounts it ought to be more than sufficient for the needs of most consumers.The K92 5G has a 6.7-inch display with a punch-hole for the front-facing 16-megapixel camera. Around back is a quad-camera setup centered around a 64-megapixel sensor. Also present are a 5-megapixel ultra wide (115 degree), 2-megapixel macro, and 2-megapixel depth sensor.Tucked inside are a Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor, 6GB RAM, and 128GB of expandable storage. The 4,000mAh battery is equipped with support for Quick Charge 4.0 technology. Also present, of course, is the 5G modem, which will provide access to the next-gen networks from a handful of carriers.AvailabilityThe LG K92 5G will be available in “Titan Gray with reflective accents” from AT&T, Cricket Wireless and UScellular in the coming weeks. Individual pricing, availability, and customer promotions will vary by network partner.READ: The Best phones at UScellularUScellular has already announced its price and promotions, putting it on the calendar for November 19. It will offer the LG K92 5G for free after $350 in bill credits to new subscribers. Current UScellular customers can get it for just $150 after $200 in bill credits

Yahoo Mobile rings up $50 ZTE Blade A3Y as first Yahoo-branded phone

Yahoo Mobile on Thursday announced it its first-ever Yahoo-branded smartphone. The Yahoo Mobile ZTE Blade A3Y, as it’s officially dubbed, arrives with just a $49.99 price tag.Available immediately, the handset is a vibrant purple color that matches up with Yahoo’s overall branding. The ZTE Blade A3Y is powered by Android 10 and features entry-level hardware.This does not mark the first time ZTE and Yahoo have collaborated for a device; it also offers the ZTE Blade A3 Prime. The is first time branding a phone around the carrier.Details include a 5.45-inch display at 720p resolution, 32GB expandable storage, and a 2,660mAh battery. An 8-megapixel camera is found on the back while the front holds the 5-megapixel shooter.In terms of software, the ZTE Blade A3Y comes with a suite of pre-installed that includes Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Weather. A Yahoo Mobile is also present for users to manage their accounts.Yahoo Mobile utilizes Verizon’s network and offers a $40 monthly plan that includes unlimited text, talk and data, mobile hotspot, and Yahoo Mail Pro. The carrier does not have contracts nor does it attach extra fees to the bill.

Insta360 One X2 review: 360-degree camera for dummies

The Insta360 One X2 captures 360-degree photos and video with appealing clarity and quality in a pocketable powerhouse.