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How to become an SEO expert for less than $30


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important skills to learn in 2020. Why? Because SEO is free.

As companies jostle for brand recognition and audiences online, the biggest ones are pouring money into paid advertising channels and, quite frankly, the smaller ones simply cannot keep up. That’s what makes SEO so important. It’s a viable growth strategy that is relatively inexpensive to implement and just requires some internal expertise. You could be that (well-paid) expertise after you churn through The Pro Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundle.

This 10-course bundle will give you a comprehensive overview of how to manipulate Google and Amazon’s search algorithms to push your pages to the top of search results. You’ll learn how to perform airtight keyword research and implement on-page SEO strategies that will improve your search results on day one.

Beyond that, however, you’ll understand how to develop a complete SEO strategy by using backlinks, citations, image classification, and much more to overhaul a website and make the entire domain more SEO-friendly. You’ll even learn how to work Amazon and Google Shopping algorithms to push your eCommerce pages higher, and how to optimize your pages for voice search.

Your path to promotion starts here. Become an expert in The Pro Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundle, now on sale for just $29.

Prices subject to change.


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