Get rid of the wires and charge your Note 10 or Note 10+ with these

Wireless charging is the easiest way to top up a phone, and the Galaxy Note 10 supports every standard you can think of, including Qi, PMA and Samsung’s own Fast Wireless Charging 2.0. The Note lineup supports extra-fast speeds of 12W and 15W respectively, but only with a select few chargers. Let’s round up the best options for your new phone!

The best one

Samsung Wireless Charger Stand 15W


$54 at Amazon

Staff pick

If you want the absolute best wireless charging speeds for your new Note 10, Samsung’s own 15W wireless charging stand is your best bet. It’s not cheap, but that’s because there’s a lot of tech inside. Charge your phone vertically or horizontally, cool down your phone with a fan, and change the fan speed and LED strength.

Two for one

Yootech 10W Wireless Charger (2-pack)


$29 at Amazon

Best value

If you like wirelessly charging your phone anywhere and everywhere around the home, or perhaps at home at the office, Yootech’s value-minded two-pack is the perfect option. With 10W charging in both horizontal and vertical orientations, these are quality charging stands that keep your phone topped up all day, every day.

Two in one

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad


There’s a lot to like about Samsung’s Duo Pad, which charges the Note 10 at its maximum wireless charging speed and a second gadget, like a Galaxy Watch Active or pair of Galaxy Buds, right next to it. If you’ve got the space (and the money), this is a great option.

$58 at Amazon

Simple and powerful

Anker PowerWave 15


Anker’s PowerWave 15 wireless charging solution is no-frills but delivers powerful 10W charging to all Samsung phones, and up to 15W with the right AC adapter. It has an anti-slip surface so your glass Note 10 won’t fall off, and it’s powerful enough to deliver a charge through a thick case.

$40 at Amazon

Cheap and reliable

RAVPower 2 Coils Wireless Charger


You don’t have to spend a lot to charge your Galaxy Note 10 quickly. This RAVPower charger has two coils so it can charge your new phone in portrait or landscape, and goes up to 10W, so it’s as fast as any non-Samsung charger you can buy.

$20 at Amazon

Lowest profile

Anker PowerWave 10W


If you’re looking for the lowest-profile wireless charger possible, Anker’s 10W PowerWave mat is an outstanding choice. It’s inexpensive, reliable, and will fit easily onto any desk or room design. Its 10W charging is also plenty fast for your new Note 10 or Note 10+.

$10 at Amazon

Wireless and portable

Mophie PowerStation Plus XL


The Powerstation Plus XL sports a 10,000mAh battery, along with built-in Micro-USB cable. Mophie includes a Micro-USB to Lightning adapter, which can be nestled away in the battery itself. On the top, you will find the wireless charging pad, along with Priority+ charging, to make sure your phone is charged before the external battery.

$65 at Amazon

Almost max power

RAVPower HyperAir Wireless Portable Charger


RAVPower’s 10,400mAh battery is capable of fast charging up to 10W for Samsung devices while offering the ability to charge two devices at once. As for the battery pack itself, you will be able to go from 0-100 in about six hours with a standard 2.4A wall charger. The wireless charging pad is found on the top, and has a softer material, making it so your Note 10 won’t slip off while charging.

$35 at Amazon

All of the coils

CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger

The more coils that a wireless charger has, the easier it is to not have to worry about placing the Note 10 just right. CHOETECH’s Dual Wireless Charger sports five total Qi coils, providing a much larger charging area. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally putting the phone down wrong.

$40 at Amazon

Charge in the car

Kenu Airframe Wireless


Fiddling with cables is annoying enough, and it can be even more annoying if trying to charge your phone in the car. With the Kenu Airframe Wireless, those annoyances have been removed since there’s a single wire going from the Airframe Wireless to the charging port. Kenu also states that you will get a 9W max charging speed for Samsung devices, and up to 7.5W for other handsets.

$60 at Amazon

Modular charging station

Hoidokly Dual 2-in-1 Wireless Charger


Whether you have the Note 10 and some Galaxy Buds, or a Galaxy Watch Active 2, it can be a hassle trying to charge both devices wirelessly. With the Hoidokly 2-in-1 Charger, you’ll get a stand for the Note, along with a secondary (and removable) pad for your other device. This charging stand offers three charging modes, going from 5W up to 10W for Samsung devices.

$34 at Amazon

Phone and watch

EloBeth Qi-Certified Wireless Charger Stand


Elobeth’s Wireless charger Stand works with any Qi-enabled smartphone, along with offering a stand for any Samsung watch. There’s no need to worry about compatibility here, and there are even dual LED’s on the top of the pad to let you know whether both are charging. Plus, you won’t need to worry about getting an additional wall plug, as this comes with one in the box.

$34 at Amazon

Be sure to choose your charger wisely


There are two kinds of wireless chargers: those that come with AC adapters included and those that don’t. Samsung’s chargers all come with the right charger and cable so you don’t have to worry about generating enough power at the wall to hit top wireless charging speeds.

Some of the chargers we’ve included, like Anker’s PowerWave 15, come with a right cable (in this case, a USB-C to USB-A cable) but no AC adapter. If you want to ensure top speeds for your Note 10, you’re going to want to buy a Quick Charge 3.0 (for USB-A to Micro-USB or USB-A to USB-C cables) or USB Power Delivery (for USB-C to USB-C cables) adapter separately.

If you’re confused, remember this: the more power you provide a wireless charger at the wall, the better. That’s because wireless charging is a lossy charging method, so if you want to give your phone the maximum 10W or 12W the wireless charger claims it can provide, the wall adapter will need to provide at least 18W, which requires Quick Charge 3.0 or USB-PD.

If we had to pick one

There are plenty of great options for you to choose from, but if you want the absolute top speeds and reliability for your new Note 10 or Note 10+, go with Samsung’s fancy new and expensive 15W Wireless Charging Stand. In addition to making it easy to see notifications as they come in, the Samsung charger has built-in fan cooling to make sure the Note 10 and Note 10+ don’t overheat while charging.

For something a bit more palatable but just as fast, Anker’s PowerWave 15 is the way to go. It’s small, reliable, and charges your phone quickly, and it uses a USB-C port for power, which ensures top speeds.