Even though the Pixel 2 is old, you'll want to protect it with these cases

Whether you love the Google Pixel 2 design and want to enhance it, or you’re simply looking for drop protection for your phone, there’s a case that’s perfect for you. You can find a ton of quality third-party cases to fit your needs if you know where to look. Here are the absolute best cases you can get your Google Pixel 2.

AC Choice Award-winner

Staff pick

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case


Spigen’s Neo Hybrid is one of the best phone cases on the market. Period. It’s built well, has an iconic design, and has an affordable price tag.

From $16 at Amazon

Fun and protective

OtterBox Symmetry


OtterBox is synonymous with durability, and as such, its Symmetry case is a great choice for people that tend to drop their phones a lot.

From $10 at Amazon

You gotta feel this

Google Fabric Cases


Google knocked it out of the park with its official fabric cases. They’re soft, fit the Pixel 2 like a glove, and have an incredibly unique design.

$40 at Amazon

Leather luxury

Bellroy Leather Case


Want to make your Pixel 2 stand out? The Bellroy Leather Case is made out of genuine leather and has a premium microfiber lining.

$35 at Amazon

A truly thin case

Totallee Case


For those of you that really hate cases, the Totallee Case is for you. It’s shockingly thin, giving you basic protection while adding no bulk at all.

From $10 at Amazon

Carry a clear look

Ringke Fusion Case


If you want to show off the design of your Pixel 2 while still keeping it safe, keep it simple and pick up the Ringke Fusion Case.

$11 at Amazon

Klutz-tested, real life-approved

Spigen Rugged Armor


Another great case from Spigen is the Rugged Armor. It’s lightweight, slim, and offers fantastic drop/scratch protection. You can’t go wrong with it.

$14 at Amazon

Wallet + case

ProCase Wallet Case


Wallet cases are always great, and for the Pixel 2, this one from ProCase is a solid option. It has a leather exterior and holds up to two cards and cash.

From $11 at Amazon

Carve out your style

Carved wooden cases


Carved’s cases are something special. They’re handcrafted out of wood and available in a variety of styles/designs. This is a great choice for splurging.

From $41 at Amazon

Hidden in plain sight

Teelevo Wallet Case


The Teelevo Wallet Case looks normal at first glance, but it surprises with a bottom flap that reveals a slot for storing up to two credit cards at once.

$14 at Amazon

It’s a tank

I-Blason Armorbox


Are you a self-proclaimed butterfingers? If so, you want the I-Blason Armobox. It has a built-in screen protector, kickstand, and a ton of color options.

From $18 at Amazon

Up your camera game

Moment Photo Case


The Pixel 2 already takes great pictures on its own, but with the Moment Photo Case, you can easily attach any of Moment’s excellent camera lenses.

$15 at Amazon

If we had to choose


It’s difficult to pick just one case out of all the excellent ones being offered for the Pixel 2, but if there’s one that stands out from the rest of the pack, it’d have to be the Spigen Neo Hybrid.

The Neo Hybrid is a tried-and-true case that we’ve recommended for phone after phone, and on the Pixel 2, it shines as bright as ever. The build quality is fantastic, it has a fun design, and offers pretty great protection without adding too much bulk. Add that together with a price we think you’ll like, and it’s easy to see why this one is such a winner.

Other great choices are the Bellroy Leather Case if you want something a bit more premium and the Totallee Case for folks that want some coverage while adding virtually no thickness or weight to the Pixel 2 at all.