Sometimes inspiration hits when you are far from office or home, the need to take advantage of those few inspired hours in a lounge or in the plane to work on and polish an article before the deadline arises. 

Lucky you, in this time and century, you need not lug around with a bulky laptop or scout for an internet café to write. With the many mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones, which are very convenient, your work becomes easy. Some of these devices include the iPad and iPhones from Apple Inc.

These two devices have a vast range of writing tools that will ease your work as a writer. Here is a list of the best iPhone and iPad applications for writing that will increase your productivity.

  • Microsoft Word

Most writers, if not all, are familiar with the good old Microsoft Word. It conceals a wealth of functionality; it can be whatever you want it to be. Creating documents with MS Word is pretty straightforward due to the collection of professionally curated templates. Writing letters, assignments, and blogs should not be a task plus, the handy formatting and layout options help you design your documents neatly.

Word also lets you collaborate on projects with your friends, and everyone works together seamlessly. It also features unique review features that enable you to comment on and edit documents while adding tracked changes.

The fact that Word is absolutely everywhere and, on every platform, and its format can be accessed by pretty much every word processor makes it reliable.

It is free on Appstore; however, office 365 Home goes for $74.990.

  • Ulysses

With its cleanly minimalist interface, Ulysses allows for distraction-free work. It offers a variety of formatting options, nested folders, and organization using tags.

Its export options include; .pdf, eBooks and .docx . It also supports direct exporting to WordPress and medium.

Ulysses offers you complete freedom to edit your article with the built-in editors. Therefore, even more, time to focus on writing. Everything you write is stored in the in-house library for easy access. It also features an autosave option and a meticulous syncing feature across devices, this means you can pick up your work in Ulysses anywhere you are at. 

Ulysses operates on a subscription model where they offer a 14-day free trial before you have to start making payments. Try Ulysses out and see if it works for you.

  • IA Writer

Just like Ulysses, this app offers a clean and minimalist layout. It prioritizes on basic writing over complex structures and fancy formatting.

This app best supports the focus on getting articles written. It also features a built-in editor for a seamless editing process. If you are a writer that gets their best inspiration at night, then worry not, this app features a night mode. 

Its export options include .docx and .pdf. you can export directly to sites like WordPress and Medium, making it particularly suitable for bloggers. For iWriter users, they can share directly with each other.

Another feature is the customizable keyboard making it easy to customize the keyboard to user preferences.

It is available on the App Store for $8.99.

  • Google Docs

With its integration with Google suite, this app has the edge over many other competing applications. This allows you to connect and collaborate with your counterparts seamlessly with the help of Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and many more features from Google. These integrations can particularly prove helpful for an up and coming freelance writer.

It supports a variety of formats, thus allowing you to operate with different files flawlessly.

The application is free on the App Store, and it can operate offline, thus allowing you to work on your articles without any interference.

  • Evernote

This note-taking application makes the task simple. Through its note organization features, while adding photos, documents, and other file types, it is an interesting app.

It is suitable for writers on the move since it allows for the creation of an array of documents with multimedia content integrated.

If you need a note-taking app, then this is it, Evernote!

It is free on the App Store with a premium version that goes for $4.990.

  • Scrivener

This is undoubtedly the most feature-rich writing tool in the market. It offers nearly limitless options for importing resources, create sophisticated folders and files, and gather work into suitable formats varying from a Ph.D. thesis to a WordPress blog post.

Its word processing is simple. Its predesigned styles give you access to consistent formatting while undertaking long projects. It allows you to focus on the art of writing.

Whether it is a blog or a story you are writing, then you are sorted. Also if you experience any challenges while using translation services for your work, then you can seek translation review services from PickWriters to ensure your work is inclusive of everyone and read widely.

It is a powerful tool for writers seeking the best app.

It is available on the App Store.

  • Werdsmith

This is a useful writing app that is not as feature-rich as the other applications. It offers a lot of formatting options to help you in writing your article, blog post, song, or even poem with a lot of ease.

With a profile, you can easily share your work with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar mediums. These multiple export choices make content marketing very easy since you can easily share your work with your audience directly without a lot of hustle. Also featured is the data backup feature; all your data is automatically backed up in the cloud safely. 

It is free on the App Store for download.

  • Pages

You might as well call it the Microsoft Word for iPad. It’s a word processing app featuring a wide variety of options like; text styles, images, and other media contents you might need in article writing.

The application is free on the App Store.


This app features an authoritative dictionary and thesaurus. While retaining the functions of a dictionary, it provides you with the pronunciation and meaning of selected words.

Do you need a word that rhymes with the ones you have in your text? Then worry not, features a rhyming feature.

This app is suitable for any kind of writing and for any writer on the go. It is free on the App Store; however, an upgrade to the Rhyming Dictionary will cost you $1.99.

  • Creative Writer

If you are that kind of writer who usually has trouble beginning work because of a lack of ideas, then this is the app for you. It will help you jumpstart your creativity.

It provides you with a list of words that could be used in a text, isn’t that awesome?

With carefully picked up words from different creative sources, a user can start working towards creating an original piece. The app is free on the App Store.

There is an excellent app for every occasion; therefore, take these apps for a test and boost your writing skills and productivity. Whether you are a pro writer or a beginner, these apps will assist you in improving and sharpening your skills. Whether you are writing blogs, short stories, notes, novel, research paper, or even a thesis, then you have the best app for that among the listed apps. Get the most out of your iPad or iPhone using these apps. Also, you can seek the services of WritingJudge in case you need reviews of writing services if using these apps to write proves a challenge. Just pick the most suitable one depending on the task you want to accomplish; either way, your writing skills will see a boost at the end of your experience.