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Home News Best Clear Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020

Best Clear Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020

There are a lot of options out there for protecting your snazzy, new, super-sized Samsung phone, and if you’re a fan of Samsung’s unique design style, a clear case might be the perfect fit. Whether you want a sleek clear case for scratch-protection or a rugged clear case that can go the distance, here are the best clear cases for the S20 Ultra.

Clear but sturdy

Ringke Fusion X

Staff pick


This rugged clear case combines a sturdy plastic backplate with a grippy and serious-looking bumper that hugs the Galaxy S20 Ultra and uses air cushions to protect it from shattering corner drops.

$8 at Amazon

Sleek style

Spigen Liquid Crystal


The Liquid Crystal has been one of my favorite clear cases for years. This clear case is easy to get on and off and it offers some grip to your super-sized S20 Ultra without adding bulk.

$10 at Amazon

Clearly protective

ArmadilloTek CyberRanger Series


This is the first year ArmadilloTek has branched out into a durable clear case, and I’m digging the style here. You can get it in clear with orange or red bumper accents, or in a smoky grey.

$15 at Amazon

Ombre bumper

Schnail Flash Series


Add some flair to your clear case by coating the bumper in a metallic sheen that transitions from silver to purple to blue. It’s going to absolutely pop against the S20 Ultra’s subdued colors.

$15 at Amazon

Textured grip

Speck Presidio Perfect Clear


We live in an age of wonders, where a clear case can still come covered in a Speck’s signature grippy V pattern. I’m not sure how grime will build up in those ridges over time, but the grip is totally worth it.

$45 at Speck

Frosted colors

Spidercase Ultra Slim Fit


The Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t getting as many of the fun colors as the regular S20, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some nice soft colors on your phone with this translucent hybrid case.

$11 at Amazon

Don’t hide the beauty

Just because the S20 Ultra is big doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a good clear case. I understand not wanting to add any more bulk by using a thin model like the Spigen Liquid Crystal, and the scratch protection and grip added here are all some of us need in a clear case.

At almost half a pound, though, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a phone that can get some serious momentum going if it does fall, so a clear case with robust drop protection like the ArmadilloTek CyberRanger might make more sense. The shock-absorbing material in the corners can reduce the impact on the phone in a fall more than air cushions alone.

If these clear cases don’t cut it for you, there’s always our best S20 Ultra cases roundup.


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