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Home News Are you glad that the T-Mobile and Sprint merger was approved?

Are you glad that the T-Mobile and Sprint merger was approved?

Chatting with the AC forums.


Earlier this week, we witnessed what will likely be one of the biggest events of the year for the mobile technology space. On February 11, the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was officially approved.

This marks a big shift for U.S. wireless providers, as we’ll essentially be moving from the Big Four to the Big Three in regards to the major carrier options.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here’s what some of our members have to say about the completed deal.

avatar40238_10.gifMs Charli
02-11-2020 12:58 PM

So the acquisition of Sprint has been approved. I’m happy about the decision in hopes that service is improved.

Just interested in some of your opinions on the merger and what your looking forward to as far as changes or hoping for?



avatar713920_10.gifB. Diddy
02-11-2020 01:27 PM

Although there is something to be said about having more choices, the problem is that Verizon and AT&T have been the two largest Godzillas in the industry, and therefore have too much control. T-Mobile has made inroads, but has still been too small to really put up a fight, and Sprint has been an afterthought for a while. So I think the combined clout of T-Mobile and Sprint (especially when it…


02-12-2020 09:26 AM

It will be interesting for sure. Better to have 3 more or less equal competitors than 2 strong competitors and 2 weak sisters. But I wonder if the new TMo will eventually dial back some of their innovative practices, especially with Legere leaving. They were a leaner company before the merger, plus they needed to do things differently to become relevant. Now…who knows. Most likely will depend…


What about you? Are you glad that the T-Mobile and Sprint merger was approved?

Join the conversation in the forums!


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