SEO services are nothing new; for many years, countless businesses have utilized SEO services to gain the upper hand against their competition. If a company manages to capture the attention of those to whom they seek to market, then they are considered to be a real success. Many business organizations aren’t capable of gaining the attention of their customers without the help of the SEO reseller program. SEO reseller programs arm businesses of all sizes with everything they need to achieve success in online marketing.

There are two types of SEO techniques that are used to boost the online presence of a business- White Label SEO and Black Label SEO. Both of these techniques are used to gain more traffic, boost website ranking and earn more revenue. But the methods used are different. White Label SEO uses legal and organic means, which are acceptable to both humans and search engines. Whereas, Black hat SEO tries to find loopholes in the search engine algorithm to achieve its objective.

White label SEO

A white label SEO provides SEO services to your customers under your name. Businesses used this technique to widen their scope of business without increasing the operational costs.

A white label SEO reseller program includes a variety of services that help boost the traffic of a website, increase ranking, convert visitors into potential customer and more:

Here are some of the white label SEO services that you offer to your customers:

1. Link Building: Search engines like Google place a high value on external links. If you build successful links to an external website, your SEO score increases by a lot. However, this doesn’t mean you can create a link with any external website. The search engine changes its algorithm regularly. They do it deal with any exploits people might use to increase their website ranking.

2. On-page Keyword Optimization: Learning how to use keywords can significantly improve website ranking. Keyword optimization relies on various factors like keyword value, keyword density, and keyword length. It is essential to know the right way to use keywords before you place them in an article. This is one of the main ingredients for success in SEO, so expect to run into a lot of competition.

3. Content Development: One of the most important jobs as a white label SEO is to create original and meaningful content. Writing content for an SEO is different from writing for a creative purpose. You need to provide factual and valid information to your readers while being concise. An SEO reseller has a team of writers who are trained to create relevant content for your website.

4. Guest Blogs: Guest Blogs are an excellent way to increase off-page SEO. It is also one of the safest options for SEO. A white seller SEO is proficient in writing guest blogs and can help boost the traffic on your website.

5. Reputation Building: A white seller SEO helps your clients by improving their reputation online. They optimize good reviews and control the damage done by the bad ones.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO tends to break all the SEO rules. SEO agencies use this technique to trick the search engine algorithm to increase website ranking. Black hat SEO does not produce quality sites and using this technique may result in severe punishments such as getting blacklisted or a major decrease in website ranking.

Here are some of the Black Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid:

1. Keyword Stuffing: Imagine someone taking your name 2-3 times in every sentence they speak. This isn’t the way we speak, and it doesn’t make any sense. If you use a keyword multiple times, the search engine will pick this up, and measures will be taken by the search engines to deal with this. If you don’t want your website to get blacklisted, make sure your content is acceptable to both humans and search engines.

2. Duplicate Content: Copying content from a different website is nothing less than a crime, and the original website owner can take legal actions as well. If you want more content for your website, then hire a white label SEO who can create original content that will rank higher in search engines.

3. Hidden text: In addition to keyword stuffing, some owners hide the keywords in the background that are not visible to humans. This technique is used when the owner does not have quality content for their websites. Even though the human eye cannot see it, but the search engine can. You can use this technique for a short while, but the ever-changing search engine will catch you.

4. Fake Clickbait: Owners use this technique to increase the traffic on their website. By using fake clickbait, you promise your customers something exciting and then don’t deliver.