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Tips To Watch Your Favourite TV Show on Mobile Phone Without Distraction

Cell phones are not just a medium of communication anymore. They have become a widely used source of spreading awareness, information, and entertainment, amongst other significant uses.

Today, from kids to adolescents and adults, everybody seems to get their entertainment fix online. A vast selection of platforms to choose from is available that serve us our favorite TV series, dramas, and even kids’ cartoons on the internet.

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in August 2017, 61% of 18 to 29-year-olds say they watch television on streaming services online. With popularly known applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., it is now an ever-growing business and a career choice for many.

However, the business aspect of things involves generating advertisements on the content to make money off of it. Sometimes all those ads can be very annoying and a disturbance between your favorite TV show.

So let’s find out how can you stop this distraction in your capacity and not miss a single entertainment factor of your TV series again.

1.     Keeping Popup Ad Notifications off

This feature is a by-product of what we talked about earlier. But unlike adware, it is not revenue-generating software. Instead, it is your device’s settings that allow it. So this is why it can be easily turned off, and it will not bother you again. The settings may differ according to what device is being used and what software has been installed. It will work differently for IOS than for Android OS.

2.     Identifying & Removing the Adware

Adware is a modern-day PUP (potentially unwanted program). It is designed to throw advertisements on your screen within the use of a web browser. It uses a technical method to disguise itself as a legitimate program so that the user is tricked into installing it on the device in use, usually a mobile phone or a tablet.

Adware generates revenue for the developer by automatically displaying advertisements as popups on the screen while the web browser is in use. It is precisely how you miraculously have a virus in your phone, or you have won a $100 worth of gift voucher. Make sure to notice these buggy notifications apart and remove them before they spam you again.

3.     Check ad permissions for sites in Chrome

Chrome is one of the best browsers for Android. The app is usually a system app in any Android phone you may purchase and has built-in features to kill unwanted ads. It often kills pop up ads by default; however, getting a quick go through is not harmful to check if the settings are up to par.

Check in the settings menu of Chrome browser to see if the option of Popups and Redirects has been toggled off from sites that show them. Also, as an added precaution block intrusive and misleading ads from the same drop-down menu to save yourself from embarrassing spam.

Check what permissions you have granted to websites. For example, you visit websites like King Essay, Wikipedia, Academist Help, etc., that don’t serve ads. But there are certain websites that serve ads and end a popup notification for accepting them. You might have accidentally clicked on them, but now that you want to revoke those privileges, make sure to check the site settings and turn them off.

4.     Clear App Cache

Sometimes advertisement popups and adware works through app cache. Your mobile device has built-in apps, as well as many you might have installed yourself. Apps take permission to collect information and generate personalized data for ad companies. This gives ad cache to create a more customized experience even when they show you the ad. It is precisely why you might have searched a particular brand on Facebook, and now you can’t stop seeing its newest campaign pop up everywhere.

The way to deal with it is to clear your caches of apps that do not require saved data operate. The more your background will remain clean chances are your foreground will remain clear too. Hence, no ads disturbing you while you catch that favorite episode.

5.     Deleting Ad-Serving Apps

Sometimes the best way to deal with an ad-serving app is to remove it. Applications work by growing their roots in the device, and sometimes they are so far deep gone that nothing else works. However, this method may only seem fruitful for Android-OS as IOS works differently.

6.     Stop popups with other browsers

You can apply similar settings on other browsers your device might have built-in. For example, a Samsung device has its own browser, but the settings are can be similar or missing in Chrome and can be used to undermine ads. Other browsers might offer you specialized plug-ins and add-on links to handle the popup ad problem.

Author Bio: Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as Mobile App Developer at Crowd Writer, known for providing excellent essay services. She carries a vast knowledge of the new age technology. Her interests lie in making people more aware of technology’s best uses.


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