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Home News This 8K holographic TV looks stunning, but you can't have it

This 8K holographic TV looks stunning, but you can’t have it

Don’t expect to play Fortnite on it any time soon.


What you need to know

  • Looking Glass Factory showed a large 8K display at CES 2020 and earned raving coverage.
  • The 8K display will go on sale in the spring for an undisclosed price.
  • The new display is aimed at medical, commercial, and business markets — not gamers

Looking Glass Factory was a show-stealer at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this year with its holographic displays that use a version of light-field technology for a 3D effect without glasses. The company showed a new larger holographic display with an 8K resolution — that’s 7680 by 4320 pixels (or 33-megapixels) if you’re counting. Now, Looking Glass has started offering quotes for delivery of the new screen this Spring 2020. The company doesn’t list prices directly, but you can inquire on its site if you’re looking to buy.


This underscores the target market for the 8K holographic display: not you, not yet. Looking Glass demonstrates the display with 3D medical visualizations, retail sales examples, and other business uses. The company is not pushing the display for gaming yet, though it is a possibility in the future. The display can handle refresh rates up to 60Hz, so it could run games up to 60fps with proper developer support.

Otherwise, the display is close to 32-inches diagonally and weighs a robust 63 pounds. It has a viewing angle of up to 50 degrees, and Looking Glass says it is meant for group viewing with up to 12 people. The new display will ship in limited quantities. We’re guessing the “request a quote” pricing means it will cost somewhere in the range of a limb to a vital organ.

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