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These are the screen protectors your Pixel 3a XL needs

The Pixel 3a XL’s screen doesn’t have a big, controversial notch like the Pixel 3 XL, but that front glass needs protecting all the same! The Pixel 3a XL has a slightly different port configuration, so Pixel 3 XL protectors will not fit well, so grab a protector that does. Most of the screen protector offerings right now are tempered glass for superior impact protection, but some film protectors are still out there if you prefer them.

Name brand protection

OtterBox Alpha Glass

Staff pick


OtterBox makes some of the most durable cases around, and it makes a remarkably reliable screen protector as well. This tempered glass is shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant with a 9H hardness, and because it’s designed to work with OtterBox’s bulkier cases, it should work with any case you throw at it.

$15 at Amazon

Rounded corners

Supershieldz Tempered Glass (3-Pack)


This multi-pack gives you a couple of chances to get it right if you’re prone to misaligning your glass — or just prone to dropping your phone on its face — with 9H hardness, oleophobic coating against fingerprints, and beveled edges to help the glass blend in and stay down.

$8 at Amazon

Look original

ESR Tempered Glass (2-Pack)


With the ESR protector, you get black matte around the top, bottom, and sides, which can provide a cleaner overall look and help give your PIxel 3a XL the appearance that it’s not wearing a screen protector at all. Just be careful: you’ll need to perfectly align the protector or risk blocking part of the screen.

$10 at Amazon


LK Tempered Glass (3-Pack)


LK’s glass is a tiny bit smaller than the Pixel 3a XL’s front glass so that you don’t have to worry about it rubbing or peeling up once you put on that swanky case you just adore. This trio of screen protectors also has rounded corners to help it feel smooth in the hand.

$10 at Amazon

Kill the glare

Skinomi MatteSkin (2-Pack)


Glass screen protectors are great, but finding one that isn’t as shiny as the Pixel 3a XL’s original glass front is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, these screen protector films from Skinomi have a matte finish so that they’ll make your Pixel 3a XL easier to read on a sunny afternoon.

$8 at Amazon

Protect the whole pack

Supershieldz Film Screen Protector (6-Pack)


Do you go through screen protectors like nobody’s business? Are you buying a Pixel 3a XL for everyone in the house? This is the multi-pack for you. Supershieldz 6-pack should keep you covered for a while, even if your casehopping leaves the corners peeling up all the time.

$6 at Amazon

Protect your pixels

A broken screen turns a new phone into a new paperweight, so please do us all a favor and cover your glass before you break it. Gravity is unforgiving, and so are phone repair prices. Now that the 3a XL has been out for a while, you can get name-brand protection without shelling out big bucks for high-quality tempered glass like the OtterBox Alpha Glass, which is easy to apply and works with even heavy-duty cases.

If you want to protect your phone and protect your wallet, consider the SuperShieldz 3-Pack, which gives you spares if you’re prone to dropping your phone — or if you’re just really bad at applying screen protectors, like me. The pocketbook application style SuperShieldz uses should be easy enough for you to apply that you should be able to get it right on the first try, though.