Samsung Electronics appoints its youngest president as new mobile chief

Roh Tae-moon was pivotal to the development of the Galaxy brand, and he’s now overseeing Samsung’s mobile efforts.


What you need to know

  • Samsung Electronics appoints Roh Tae-moon as new mobile chief.
  • Roh previously led development of the Galaxy series, and is Samsung’s youngest president.
  • DJ Koh will continue to oversee the IM business, which includes both the mobile unit and networking hardware.

Samsung is known for routinely switching execs to new roles, and the South Korean brand is now making another management reshuffle. The manufacturer is promoting Roh Tae-moon to oversee its mobile business, with the exec previously leading development of the Galaxy lineup.

Samsung is facing increased competition in the smartphone segment, so it is turning to Roh to “present fresh strategies and revitalize the organization.” Roh served as a development manager in the Galaxy division and was instrumental in Samsung’s recent outsourcing efforts, and at 52 he’s the youngest president at Samsung.

The change allows Samsung to be more flexible at identifying potential growth areas as it tries to fend off Chinese rivals. Samsung is still the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, but Huawei is inching ever closer in spite of the U.S. ban.

DJ Koh, meanwhile, will still serve as CEO of the IT & Mobile Communications (IM) business, which includes the mobile unit as well as networking hardware.

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