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Home News Protect your shiny new OnePlus 7T with a shiny new case

Protect your shiny new OnePlus 7T with a shiny new case

OnePlus includes a case in the box for the OnePlus 7T, but let’s face it: it’s thin and kind of bland. It’s great to ensure you have protection from the moment you take the case out of the box, but chances are you’ll want to upgrade to a case with a little more style or substance before long. The case market for the 7T is limited due to its shorter upgrade window, but there are some high-quality cases for this high-quality phone.

Thin grip with style

Spigen Liquid Air

Staff pick


Spigen may be best known for the Rugged Armor, but walk past it and get the Liquid Air. It’s got a much better grip thanks to the texture all across the back and sides, it’s the same thickness, and it just looks much fresher than the carbon fiber accents.

$12 at Amazon

Official flair

OnePlus Silicone Bumper Case


While the OnePlus 7T isn’t sold in OnePlus’s signature red, but you can still get that shocking red with this grippy silicone case. If you tend to be a butterfingers, this is the case for you!

$30 at OnePlus

Crystal Clear Durability

Ringke Fusion-X


This is a divisive look for a case: half my coworkers hate it and the other half love it. If you’re in the Love category, this is a clear case that will protect your phone while still showing it off. I like the Space Blue, but Camo Black looks fierce, too.

$11 at Amazon

Premium Protection

UAG Plasma


Urban Armor Gear knows how to make cases that can take a beating while still looking awesome. The Plasma series is the clear line of ultra-durable cases, and I’m happy to see it offered for the 7T, though the Monarch’s leather would’ve been awesome, too.

$40 at Amazon

Ready to go beyond?

Mpaltor Waterproof Case


If you take your OnePlus 7T to the absolute extremes, this is for you! This 360-degree case is said to be waterproof, dirtproof, dustproof, and snowproof, and it even comes with a buoyancy strap for those kayaking adventures.

$20 at Amazon

Clear case, bold accents

Feitenn Transparent Slim Cover


Available in four colors — blue, black, gray, and red — this clear case is more robust than the one OnePlus gives you in the box while also drawing attention to that big, beefy camera module on the back.

$11 at Amazon

Carry it all in style

Simicoo Thin Wallet


In the age of digital payments, you don’t really need to carry a wallet around with you — just a couple of cards and maybe some cash. This wallet case will keep things simple, clean, and thin.

$11 at Amazon

Value pick

Qoosea Clear Gel


If you aren’t a huge fan of the clear case that OnePlus included with the 7T, Qoosea’s clear case is a flexible, affordable alternative that will let you fully show off the 7T’s natural colors.

$5 at Amazon

Thin grip

Anccer Colorful Series


If you prefer your cases to be ultra-thin, Anccer’s hardshell cases are a lightweight option so long as you don’t constantly swap cases. The color selection is a bit light, but that Gravel Green looks enticing.

$5 at Amazon

Hunting for good cases

Since OnePlus upgrades its models twice as often as most manufacturers, there tend to be fewer cases available for the “mid-year” versions like the 7T. Since OnePlus includes a case in the box to keep you covered until you find something you like, that’s less of a problem, but there’s finally a good supply of quality cases out and widely available for the best-priced flagship phone available right now.

Spigen makes a decent number of cases for OnePlus phones these days, and I’m super happy that the 7T gets the Liquid Air instead of just the Rugged Armor because the Liquid Air has better grip and honestly a better look, too. If you prefer your cases more heavy-duty, we have a waterproof option in the Mpaltor Waterproof Case and a name-brand heavy-duty case in the transparent and totally awesome UAG Plasma, which is a bit pricey but feels great and looks great in the hand.


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How to get Android 11’s coolest feature on your phone today

With Android 11, users user can look forward to a feature called “back tap”. In short, it is a unique physical gesture carried out on the back of the device with your finger. Double tapping the back of the device can carry out an action that you can customize. This can vary from launching the camera, to starting Google Assistant and many other functions.Credit to developer Kieron Quinn over at XDADevelopers for making the app. It works with any Android smartphone running Android 7.0 and above, so you should be good to go on any modern device.A special mention here is how the device is a bit fickle, as Google designed this gesture to work with the Pixel family of devices, and was built using their dimensions in mind. XDA has confirmed that they were able to make the gesture work with the ASUS ROG Phone 3 and the Huawei P40 Pro.Here is a quick demonstration of the app in action:Results May VaryI was able to replicate the gesture on my Pocophone F1 and OnePlus 7T. I had to remove the phone case for the Pocophone, but it worked with the 7T even with the case on. It was also very finicky on the Pocophone, getting the gesture to work around two out of every five times.Let’s Get StartedAll you have to do is sideload the app on your Android device. You can download the app via this link.Setting up your deviceOnce you have the app installed, it will either appear on your home screen or your app drawer, depending on your phone’s OEM software.Launch the app and you will have to grant it accessibility. This can vary from one OEM to the next, but for the OnePlus 7T tap on the Accessibility service at the top of the app, look for Tap, Tap and switch the toggle to on.From here, try to double-tap the back of your phone (with and without cover). If you feel haptic feedback, it means your device is running on the default Pixel 3 XL sensitivity. If you don’t feel any haptic feedback after 2-3 attempts, head into Gestures, and tap on Device model.Keep switching between the Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL until you feel the haptic feedback of the device on every attempt.Setting up your actionsAfter you’ve set up the gesture, go into Actions, and choose what you want to be done. By default, the app is set to launch Google Assistant, or take screenshots.I have already added a preset and made it the top action in the app.This is what the camera launch function looks like on my OnePlus 7T.If you want to add an action, tap at the bottom center of the screen and choose Add Action.In the first Alpha build you can carry out the following commands:Launchan appGoogle AssistantCameraUtilitiesTurn on FlashlightActionsTake a screenshotOpen notificationsOpen quick settings shadeSimulate pressing the home, back and recent apps buttonLock the screenWhen you have chosen the command you want to take preference over the others, drag it by the two lines at the top right of the tile and take it all the way to the top.Understanding GatesA gate is basically a barrier that stops the action from being carried out involuntarily. By default, your phone won’t carry out the action you’ve assigned above if your display is off or you’re on a call.This prevents you from accidentally toggling your action when you don’t want it to.By default, the current preset should suffice, but you are free to adjust it to your desired settings.Closing notesThe app is a hit or miss depending on your phone. It may or may not work. It’s highly recommended that if you’re unable to get past the Setting up your device part of the guide, to not pursue the app or settings any further.This is the first Alpha build of the device. If you’re looking to follow the app and its development, you can occasionally check in on the official XDA thread here.

How to migrate your data to a Vivo phone

With smartphones becoming increasingly more affordable, buying one can be a semi-regular occurrence. However, moving data between your old phone and the new one can be cumbersome.Many people will opt to transfer the data to a computer and then to the new phone. Historically, that was what one had to do. Or, users would back up what they could to a microSD card. Today, smartphone manufacturers have dedicated apps that make this process easy, efficient, and seamless.This guide will teach you how to move all your personal data (SMS, calls, apps, photos, etc.) from your old phone to a Vivo branded phone. With this, you won’t have to worry about copying data on a computer or removable storage.Vivo phones are becoming increasingly popular in the Western market. You might have bought your first Vivo phone and are excited to try it out, but not before you carry over your precious data to your new phone first!Just like Huawei and Xiaomi, the Vivo product line has many products under it – the V, Y, S, P, and X series of phones. All of these are united by the Funtouch OS. As long as your Vivo phone is on the proprietary OS, you should be able to seamlessly use the transfer app.Pre-RequisitesInstall the Vivo EasyShare app on your old phone and the new Vivo phone. Make sure both phones are at least at 80% charge and are on a flat surface as this is another wireless transfer.Let’s Get StartedOnce you have installed the app on both phones, launch the app on each phone. You will be greeted with a splash screen walking you through each part of the app.If it doesn’t do it for you automatically, tap at the top right of the app for the transfer icon shown below.On your old phone, tap on the I’m Old icon and on the new Vivo phone, tap on the I’m New icon.On your new phone, you will be prompted to choose the OS of the old phone, choose accordingly but this guide covers Android devices.You will have to scan the QR code on your old phone via the QR code reader on your new phone. Once you have done so, this screen will show you have successfully paired both phones:Now choose the content which you wish to carry over to your new Vivo phone, and depending on the amount of data being transferred this can take as little as a few minutes and up to an hour.We highly recommend not using either device during the transfer process as this can interfere with the data transfer.Once the data has been transferred, you will get an on-screen notification on both phones informing you of the completed data migration.With that, all of your data is now successfully ported over to your new Vivo phone, ready to use.Other Helpful GuidesHow to migrate your data to a Pixel phoneHow to migrate your data to a Samsung phoneHow to migrate your data to a Huawei phoneHow to migrate your data to a OnePlus phoneHow to migrate your data to an Oppo phoneHow to migrate data to a Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco/Mi phone