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On the day of its death, Windows 7 is the second-most popular operating system

Windows 7 was first available for consumers to purchase in October of 2009, and nearly more a decade later, its time is finally coming to end. Today, January 14, officially marks the end of support for the Windows 7 operating system, meaning Microsoft will no longer provide free security updates.

Even so, Windows 7 is still much-loved and is still quite popular, falling second only to Windows 10. According to data from NetMarketShare, Windows 7 holds a 32.75% share of the operating system market, behind Windows 10’s 47.65%. That’s also larger than MacOS Mojave’s 10.14% share, and way ahead of the Chrome OS share of 0.39%.

Despite the small share, the competing operating systems powering those devices — Chrome OS and MacOS — have also evolved, but it all apparently has nothing on Windows 7. Chrome OS is compatible with Android apps, and Apple is allowing developers to port iPad apps to the Mac. Microsoft is also updating Windows 10 twice a year with new features.

Arif Bacchus/Digital Trends

In the larger picture, all desktop versions of Windows are also ahead of all other operating systems combined. Data from StatCounter shows that Windows holds a 77.64% Marketshare, followed by MacOS with 16.46%, and Chrome OS with 1.45%.

The successor to Windows 7 was launched 2012, with a striking new design that did away with the most familiar elements of Windows, such as the taskbar and the Start menu. Windows 8 was meant to be a new era for the operating system, built from the ground up with touch controls and tablets in mind.

It wasn’t meant to last, though. In the ruin of Windows 8, Windows 7 became a haven for those seeking stability and familiarity. Even with the mass adoption of Windows 10 in new PCs, plenty of enterprise users stayed behind and never updated.

Despite how popular Windows 7 still is, it’s now time for an upgrade. By staying with Windows 7, consumers risk putting their PCs at risk to viruses and other security issues. It’s best to upgrade to Windows 10 or buy a new PC.

We’ve got a guide to buying new laptops which can help out. We also have a weekly updated collection of the best deals on laptops, MacBooks, and also Chromebooks which will help you save money.


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