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Here’s how to manage (or cancel) your Google Stadia Pro subscription


Anyone who bought the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition received three months of Stadia Pro subscription for free. Stadia Pro is Google’s premium offering that gives you the ability to play in 4K resolution and discounts on select titles from the Stadia library. If you were one of the first to receive your Stadia kit and immediately signed up for Stadia Pro, your three months is about to expire. Here’s how you can manage your Stadia Pro subscription, confirm which credit card Google has on file, or simply cancel your subscription.

Products used in this guide

  • No consoles required: Google Stadia Premiere Edition ($129 at Google Store)

How to manage (or cancel) your Google Stadia Pro Subscription

Launch the Google Play Store on your phone.
Tap the Menu button on the left side of the search bar.

Tap Subscriptions.


Find and tap your subscription for Stadia Pro.
Here, you can update your primary payment method, set up a backup payment method, or cancel your subscription.


Stadia Pro costs $10 a month (or $12 a month if you live in Canada), so it’s worth confirming which credit card you want to be charged before your three months are up. If you choose to cancel your Stadia Pro subscription, you will retain access to your Stadia Pro benefits until your three months of free service concludes. Of course, you can still enjoy gaming on Stadia without a Stadia Pro subscription, you’ll just have to pay for games at full price.

Just be sure you’re logged into the Google account that you signed up for Stadia or the subscription won’t show up in the Google Play Store.

Google Stadia should get better in 2020

If you decided to take the wait and see approach with Google Stadia, you’ll be happy to know that Google has announced improvements coming in 2020 that should add more value to the platform moving forward.

No consoles required

Google Stadia Premiere Edition


$129 at Google

No console, no maintenance, just video games

The Stadia controller is your only option for couch gaming on Stadia. With support support for Chrome and phones on the way, this is your best bet for enjoying all that Google’s gaming service has to offer.


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