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Home Reviews Consider Ampere’s charging solutions for your mobile gadgets

Consider Ampere’s charging solutions for your mobile gadgets

Now that the holidays have come and gone, chances are good that you might be the proud owner of some new tech. Maybe it’s a new phone or laptop. Perhaps its a Nintendo Switch or digital camera. Whatever it is, you’re going to have to keep it charged.

Ampere Tech, an upstart brand that’s made some waves on Kickstarter, is a company you might want to keep an eye on. Its portfolio is quickly growing with a focus on charging solutions. Be it portable, wired, wireless, or a combination, its products are worth a look.


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We were sent a number of accessories from Ampere Tech and had the chance to put them to the test over the last few weeks. What follow are details about the products (60W USB-C PD Adapter, Unravel 3+1 Wireless Charger, and USB-C Travel Charger for Apple Watch) and our impressions of each.

60W USB-C PD Adapter ($50)

When you have a laptop, Chromebook, or something else that requires Power Delivery (PD) charging, you want as much juice as possible. Moreover, you don’t want a short cable that keeps you confined within a small area next to an outlet.

The 60W USB-C PD Adapter gives users up to 60W of power for USB Type-C devices, but also adjusts downward based on other gadgets. Contrast that with Google’s own, and more expensive, Pixelbook charger which maxes out at 45W.

The charger also have a conveniently lengthy cable which measure in at two meters, or about 6.7-feet. It’s perfect for tucking behind a desk or couch for charging up a phone while binge watching TV or knocking out emails on the laptop.

Rounding this one out, there’s a Quick Charge 3.0 USB A port on the face which lets you juice up any other mobile tech you’got lying about.

Unravel 3+1 Wireless Charger ($100)

A real success on Kickstarter, this unit is a wireless charging station with three Qi pads. That’s not overkill, that’s practical. Many of our phones and devices now feature the charging standard so it makes sense to support multiple handsets.

Rather than go with a flat and uninspired design, the Ravel folds up in a compact, travel-friendly shape. Additionally, it can be set up to work as a phone stand so you can keep your handset in a convenient orientation.

So what’s the +1 part? That’s the USB Type-C output port that’s located on the side edge. Use that, plus the three Qi spots, and you’re looking at a 4-in-1 charger.

Pick this one up in six different color options: Fire Emoji Red, Glow in the Dark, Pure Black, Sky Blue, Coral, and Navy. If you’re a frequent international traveler, consider picking up the kit with a world plug set for about ten bucks more.

USB-C Travel Charger for Apple Watch ($40)

You’ve portable chargers and wall adapters with USB C ports, so why not take advantage of it for your Apple Watch? This unit has a short cable that’s just a few inches long which means easy travel.

Plug it into a laptop, power bank, or the aforementioned Unravel 3+1’s output and you’ll have a convenient alternative to the charger that came with your Apple Watch.

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