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CES 2020: AirPods Pro Get New Noise-Cancelling Earphone Competition

Just over two months after Apple released AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation, several brands are introducing competitors at CES 2020.

Panasonic, Technics, and 1MORE are among the brands that have announced truly wireless earphones with active noise cancellation in Las Vegas this week, and more will likely follow as the show floor opens Tuesday.

Panasonic says its new RZ-S500W earphones feature “industry-leading noise cancellation,” achieved through a combination of feedforward noise cancellation, feedback noise cancellation, and digital and analog processing. These technologies work together to minimize noise generated both inside and outside the ear buds.

A touch sensor on the earphones enables users to switch between Ambient Sound mode, Noise Cancelling mode, and Off with the tap of a finger. Ambient Sound mode sounds like Transparency mode on the ‌AirPods Pro‌, which allows you to simultaneously listen to music while still hearing the environment around you.

Panasonic has also unveiled a pair of truly wireless earphones under its Technics brand. The EAH-AZ70W earphones feature the same noise cancellation technology and Ambient Sound mode as the RZ-S500W, plus IPX4-rated splash resistance and a new, graphene-coated dynamic driver unit for improved sound.

Both the RZ-S500W and EAH-AZ70W earphones will be available in June, according to Panasonic, but pricing has yet to be disclosed.

1MORE’s truly wireless earphones feature two levels of active noise cancelation, utilizing the same hybrid technology as the Panasonic and Technics earphones. They are also the first truly wireless earphones with pending THX certification, meaning their sound quality has passed a variety of tests by THX.

1MORE’s earphones also have an optional pass-through mode that lets in ambient noise while listening to music.

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