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7 Most Popular Types of Award Trophies

Awards are a great way to encourage talent and to inspire people to continue their good work and keep the momentum going. If you are looking to be a little innovative with the awards and are on the lookout for some of the finest award trophies, here we are going to talk of 7 of the most popular types you can choose from.

  1. Glass

Glass is a great option and of course, you can find that too many companies make smart use of different types of glass trophies. They can come in varying sizes and shapes and have a very high style element too. If you want to get something printed and customized, you can do it easily in a glass. They have a great aura and bear the mark of professionalism as well.

  • Crystal

If you are looking for a premium style of a trophy, crystal can be a very smart and perfect choice. They are real eye candy and are often considered by many to be the most prestigious set of awards. Mostly, it is seen that high standout performances are conferred crystal awards and they are very popular in the corporate scene and that too in special and high-end functions and ceremonies.

  • Stone

If you are looking for something different and unique which has the modern and ethereal touch to it, stone awards are a huge thing.  They look artistic and can double up as a great décor too. No doubt placing the stone trophy at one segment of your house is bound to add to the overall appeal and give a wow factor to your place.

  • Metal

Now, this one is for those movie night functions where an elite group of guests is present. The quality of metal differs a great deal. For instance; the Oscar trophy is made with metal and comes with 24-karat gold plating on it. So, you can understand the value of metal when it comes to trophies.

However, it isn’t necessary that all metal trophies need to be highly polished or high-end. Based on the kind of budget you have and the occasion at hand, you can choose the type of metal trophy you want to award.

  • Wooden

Mostly made of cherry wood, these trophies too have a décor feel. They stand very high on the presentation factor and they can come with a lot of inspirational quotes or even details of the awards embedded in it. They are a common feature in global corporate events wherein awards are conferred on teams and firms on the basis of several different factors and parameters.

  • Plastic

This really isn’t the best or even the most popular choice, yet one cannot disregard the fact that plastic trophies are still used. They are simple and affordable and with the right kind of artistic touch, they can be made to look like metal. So, the choice of customization is up to you and the overall feel of the trophy is also going to differ a great deal.

  • Acrylic

Acyclic trophies offer you vast and endless choices. They are shatter-resistant and look really trendy. The best thing is that they also tend to be very economical which means that when you have too many trophies to give, the acrylic ones might sound like a very smart option.


So, these are some of the different options when it comes to popular types of awards. Of course, it is upon you to explore the options at hand and then choose the kind of award or trophy you would like to confer.

Of course, in the end, it is the sentiment and the degree of the award that assumes gargantuan importance. That being said, we cannot be ignorant of the kind of trophy which we are offering as a basic standard and decorum need to be maintained so, decide well.