Today, video editing is in demand in a variety of fields, from personal (family) to business (commercial). If you need an excellent video editor, you need to get the most advanced answer that will provide you with the most effective and high-quality product. Here we have compiled a list of 5 recommended editing software for beginner and advanced video editors, with varying degrees of difficulty and price, all of which can achieve stunning results.

Of course, it all depends on the level of investment and commitment you will devote to work. We will refer to the online tool that will allow you basic editing, the “intermediate” software that can be reached with professional results, and the most professional software that even the major Hollywood studios work with. Only you should check before downloading that your computer meets the software system requirements. So let’s get started.


FlexClip is an online tool that requires no prior knowledge and allows you to create short films (of 5 minutes) for business and private as well as longer films, all with simple templates. With a simple drag & drop interface, you can produce dozens of videos simply and quickly. You control everything in your video, including trimming, cutting, adding caption texts, music, voice-over, and even your company logo. A free option is also available, which allows you to download video files up to 1080p with a FlexClip watermark. There are many other web services like Wevideo or Animoto that do about the same job, but FlexClip is the easiest to use of them.


VivaVideo is a popular video editing application, but in practice, it is a fairly simple app, it works well for short clips. The application uses an editing style where it loads, modifies and corrects clips as needed, and moves to the next segment — supports over 200 video filters and many other effects, text input, and fast and slow playback. There are limitations to the free version. On the one hand, there is a watermark on the material, and there is a limit that the video length cannot exceed. Purchasing a pro version can circumvent these restrictions.


KineMaster is one of the most powerful video editing applications. It knows the basics just like other video editors, but it has many more layers of video, images, and effects. It also features various audio filters, color keys (for fans of green background), different video effects, transitions, and more. KineMaster is now approaching the knowledge of a desktop video editor. It’s free to use during the trial period, but you’ll need a $ 4.99 monthly subscription for full functionality.


Shotcut is open source software and will give you quite a few options. Because it is completely free, this software can be a good start to learn the basics of video editing without spending money. The transition from whip- cutting to advanced editing software like Premiere or Final Cut will be easier and smoother than getting straight to professional software. The software supports a wide variety of sound and video formats and is suitable for all operating systems.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the biggest names in video editing applications. It can automatically generate videos from videos and pictures if you don’t want to bother with it. Premier supports all the features we have presented so far, plus gives the possibility of teamwork, a single cloud backup (Adobe Cloud), and a friendly, clear interface. Combined with Adobe’s complementary software like Photoshop and After Effects, you will have all the tools that the biggest professionals in the field have. In addition, there are countless Facebook tutorials and groups that will help you overcome any obstacle to becoming professional video editors.