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10Minds Motion Pillow 2 snags CES 2020 Innovation Award

Snoring is nothing to giggle about. It’s detrimental to your health and can stress your relationship with housemates or your significant other. 10Minds’ Motion Pillow 2 aims to solve that problem, and for its efforts, it has snagged a CES 2020 Innovation Award in the Health & Wellness category.

First launched at CES last year, Motion Pillow combines a memory foam pillow with some slick underlying technology that’s centered inside a Solution Box device that resides on the nightstand and operates via a patented Sleep Pressure Monitoring System. The Solution Box plugs into your pillow and is programmed via algorithm to detect, record, and analyze snoring patterns, and in response to snoring, adjusts four airbags built into the pillow. The Solution Box detects snoring sounds, and in response, air gets pumped into the pillow, inflating it up to three inches. This settles the sleeper’s head in a different and better posture to allow for clear — and quiet — nasal breathing.


The Solution Box monitors the sleeper’s head position and breathing patterns throughout their sleep, converting the data into precise adjustments to adjust the pillow’s shape and angle the sleeper’s head to improve airflow through the nose. Even light movements of the neck and head can alleviate snoring and allow for restful sleep.

The movement and sound of inflation and deflation of the airbags will not wake the user or anyone sleeping nearby. Users can adjust sensitivity settings via the product’s companion app. The pillow itself is high quality, soft, and facilitates heat dissipation and sweat absorption without harmful chemicals.

Setup is simple: Just attach the air pump connector from the pillow to the Solution Box, and plug in the USB power cable. Users can review and manage sleep data through the smartphone app, which helps you track your sleeping patterns and trends over time. Data is stored in the Solution Box and uploaded to the app at anytime. You do not need to use the app for the pillow to work, it’s just there to help you track your sleep quality. Motion Pillow currently available on Amazon for $378.

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