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What Software Does a New Business Need?

As well as all the physical aspects of opening up a new business, software is needed to keep it functioning on a daily basis. In the same way that you should put money aside for rent or property mortgage payments, bills or any other overheads, you should also set aside a software budget. Even if you feel as if your business is relatively simple, and doesn’t require a great deal of specialist software, here are some suggestions that are worth keeping in mind.

Cloud software

Every business churns out data on a daily basis. Cloud software ensures that your data is kept safe, and is hard to corrupt. For example, storing your information on an external hard drive would theoretically be fine, but accidentally laying a magnetic object on top of one could wipe years of saved information. For businesses, you will likely need to pay for Cloud service. This is because you will be using vastly more space than you would if you were just a regular person, using it for personal reasons. To avoid huge costs, a software licensing specialist is a good alternative. They are experts in software, and can legally sell you a software license for Cloud usage. Companies such as www.bytes.co.uk, for example, specialize in Microsoft programs.


As a business that aims to make plenty of money, your information is incredibly appealing to cybercriminals. It is, therefore, vital that you get anti-malware software installed on all of your computers. In fact, it’s estimated that cyberattacks deliberately affect 43% of small businesses. So firewalls and regular scans are integral to keeping your business safe from online criminals.

Payment services

Whether you’re biased towards PayPal or would like to browse the market, payment support is vital for getting that cash flow going. You will need to get a trustworthy payment method up and running before you get your business on its feet for trading. You don’t want your first week of business to be filled with angry inquiries about why you can’t process their transaction.

Processing suites

Whether it’s words or numbers you’re most frequently working with, you will need a processing suite to keep your employees working regularly. The most common one is Microsoft Office, but there are others to consider. It’s worth bearing in mind, too, that if you need to send someone a document, you will want a format that is universally used. Microsoft may just have to be your go-to provider, here. In which case, it’s a good idea to get Excel and Word as your basic two processors. Your financial managers and accountants are also more likely to prioritize Excel over other variants, such as Numbers.

Ultimately, the specific nature of your business will probably determine what software you end up using. For example, you might not need payment services at all if you rely on invoices to collect revenue. It’s always worth thinking about what programs will benefit your company’s efficiency and security first: these are the backbone of keeping your business up and running for longer.


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