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Home News Want the Disney+ bundle, but not the ads with Hulu? Here's how...

Want the Disney+ bundle, but not the ads with Hulu? Here’s how to do it


Disney+ is finally out in the wild so we can catch-up on so many favorite Disney classics, Marvel hits, the Star Wars saga, and much more. Disney is also offering the chance to get its new streaming service bundled with Hulu and ESPN+ — which is a great deal at $13 per month. However, if you sign-up for this bundle, the Hulu you get will be the ad-supported version. So, if you prefer your Hulu minus the ads, then follow along to find out how to bundle up and hold the ads.

Products used in this guide

  • Get it together: Disney+ bundle ($13/month at Disney+)
  • TV Sans ads: Hulu (ad-free) ($12/month at Hulu)

How to the Disney+ bundle with ad-free Hulu

Go to Hulu and sign-up for the ad-free plan.


Enter your personal info and continue.

Select your payment method to finish your subscription to Hulu ad-free.


Now that your Hulu account is set up let’s set up the Disney+ bundle.

After clicking Sign Up Now you can enter the same email you used for setting up your Hulu account.
Click Agree & Continue.
After setting up your password and entering your payment method click Agree & Subscribe.

What is going to happen now is that you’ll get two separate bills, one from Hulu and one from Disney+. On the Disney+ bundle price, you will receive a $5.99 per month credit on your account, which is the value of the ad-supported Hulu in the standard bundle price. If you already have the ad-free Hulu, then you can simply sign up for Disney+ with the same email as you used when you first set up your Hulu account.

If you’ve already set up your Disney+ non-bundle account and would like to switch we’ve got you covered on how to get that done.

Our top equipment picks

Go for three

Disney+ bundle


$13/month at Disney+

Disney magic, live TV, and sports…what else is there?

Aside from the great content that Disney+ is going to have, you get network TV and originals from Hulu, along with all the sports you could ask for from ESPN+. This bundle is going to go a long way towards entertaining the entire family.

In the moment



From $7/month at Hulu

Relive your favorites

Whether you are trying watch the newest episodes of shows like This Is Us, catch up on all of Family Guy, or awesome orginals like The Handmaids Tale you can do all of that through Hulu. You even have the option to go ad-free.


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