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MD-101 Exam as Part of Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification. Practice Tests Rule!

Microsoft MD-101 is designed to evaluate the ability of the candidates to carry out specific technical tasks, which include managing policies and profiles; deploying and updating OS; managing apps and data; managing and protecting devices. The exam is part of the requirements for earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. To get this credential, you should pass both Microsoft MD-100 and Microsoft MD-101. It is essential to mention that the individuals who have already passed the retired Microsoft 70-698 test before its expiration on March 31, 2019, will be required to take MD-101 only in order to achieve the associate-levelcertificate. The professionals with this certification can take up the job role of an administrator. The modern desktop administrators are saddled with the responsibilities of configuring, managing, monitoring, deploying, and securing devices alongside client apps in the enterprise environment.

The Microsoft MD-101exam is available in English but it is believed that other languages will be added subsequently. To register and schedule, the students have to pay the fee of $165. You can access the prep resources for this test on the certification page as well as on Exam-Labs. You can purchase your exam voucher from the Microsoft Marketplace or the official administrator of this test, Pearson VUE.


Skills Measured to Become a Microsoft Certified Modern Desktop Administrator

There are specific objectives that will be evaluated in these two certification exams. Each of these subjects has subtopics that the candidates will be tested on. All in all, there are 8 topics to cover. Let’s explore them in detail.

  • Deploying Windows

This certification exam focuses on Windows 10, which means the test takers must demonstrate competence in deploying this OS. They have to display knowledge in configuring language packs; performing clean installation; selecting appropriate Windows edition; performing in-place upgrade; troubleshooting activation problems; migrating user data. The candidates also need to know how to perform post-installation configuration, which includes configuring Internet Explorer& Edge,sign-in alternatives, mobility settings, and customizing Windows desktop.

  • Managing Devices & Data

While taking this Microsofttest, the students need to display their ability to manage devices, local groups, and local users. They also need the skills in configuring data protection &access, including shared permissions and NTFS permissions. Additionally, they should know how to configure devices using local policies. This will include implementing local policy; configuring local registry; and troubleshooting group policies on the devices. You also need to manage Windows security. This includes configuration of user account control, implementation of encryption, and configuration of Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Configuring Connectivity

The test takers should be able to configure networkingalong with configuring the settings of client IP, VPN client, mobile networking, Wi-Fi profile, and troubleshoot networking. They also need to develop capacity in configuring remote connectivity, which covers configuring remote management; configuring remote desktop access; and enabling PowerShell Remoting.

  • MaintainingWindows

The ability to maintain Windows is also crucial to exam success. Here, the individuals have to understand the process involved in configuring system & data recovery. They also need to perform file recovery and Windows 10 recovery as well as troubleshoot boot process and startup. Managing updates, troubleshooting, testing and validating,as well asselecting corresponding servicing channel and configuring Windows update optionsare also important skills. Another skill that the candidates should develop encompasses monitoring and managing Windows. They have to know how to analyze and configure event logs; manage performance; manage Windows 10 settings.

  • Deploying & Updating Operating Systems

To enhance your success opportunity in this certification test, you have to know how to plan & implement Windows 10 with the use of dynamic deployment. You should know how to measure and choose appropriate deployment alternatives; troubleshoot and manage provisioning packages; pilot deployment. You have to know all about planning and implementing Windows 10 using Windows Autopilot. This includes evaluating and choosing appropriate alternatives; piloting deployment; troubleshooting deployment; importing device HW information for Cloud service; extracting device HW information for CSV file; creating, assigning, and validating deployment profile.

Another aspect you need to know is upgrading to Windows 10. Here, you have to recognize upgrade & downgrade paths; manage in-place upgrades; migrate the user profiles; carry out Upgrade Readiness assessment; configure Windows analytics environment. You also need the skills involved in managing updates, including deployment of Windows updates; configuration of Windows 10 delivery optimization; implementation of feature updates; monitoring of Windows 10 updates. Finally, on this topic, the examinees should manage device authentication. This covers managing authentication policies; performing Azure AD join; managing sing-on alternatives.

  • Managing Policies & Profile

Here, the candidates need to learn about planning and implementing co-management. They should have the capacity in performing co-management precedence; migrating GP to MDM policies; recommending co-management strategy. It also requires that the students understand the prerequisites for implementing provisional access & compliance policies for devices. This entails managing, implementing, and planningprovisional access policies along with device compliance policies. They also need the relevant skills in configuring device profiles, which requires planning, implementing, and managing device profiles. The expertise in the management of user profiles is also required. This means the applicants need to configure user profiles, Enterprise State Roaming with Azure Active Directory, and sync settings. They should also be able to implement Folder Redirection.

  • Managing and Protecting Devices

The individuals need the skills in managing Windows Defender. This includes managing and implementing Windows Defender Exploit Guard, Credential Guard, Application Guard, and Advanced Threat Protection. Additionally, they will need to integrate and manage Windows Defender Application Control and Antivirus. The test takers should also manage Intune device enrollment & inventory as well as monitor devices.

  • Managing Applications& Data

The exam candidates should know how to update and deploy applications and implement MAM (Mobile Application Management). This entails assigning apps to groups; deploying applications using Microsoft Store for Business and Intune; implementing and configuring assigned access or public devices. The knowledge ofplanning, implementation, and management of MAM policies is also required for Microsoft MD-101. The students should also secure data with Intune.


These were the exam topics that you should cover in order to attain the Microsoft credential. To become a certified specialist, you should learn all of them. But please note that the first half of the objectivesare for the Microsoft MD-100 test and the other half is for Microsoft MD-101. Study all the required materials from the official website and the Exam-Labs platform and you will pass bothcertification exams with flying colors.


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