Chromecast Ultra gets the Google Stadia update you've waited for

A month after launch, the launch hardware finally works


What you need to know

  • Google had said Stadia bundle buyers could use their existing Chromecast Ultra as well.
  • Stadia Twitter announced all Chromecast Ultra devices will be able to use Stadia now.
  • Gamers still need to buy a bundle that includes another Chromecast Ultra.

When Google’s Stadia gaming service launched a month ago, you needed to buy a Founder’s or a Premiere bundle that included a Chromecast Ultra, even if you already had one. If you were an owner, Google said Stadia would work with your existing Ultra as well.

Unfortunately, existing Chromecast Ultra devices needed a firmware update, and that update has finally been pushed to all Chromecast Ultra devices. After a long month being left in the cold, Google’s Stadia Twitter account has tweeted that all Chromecast Ultra devices are ready to play.

If you have access to Stadia already, we have some good news to share. We have rolled out an update to existing Chromecast Ultras that allow them to work with Stadia. Grab your Stadia Controller, sync it to any Chromecast Ultra & start playing on an additional TV in your house.

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) December 18, 2019

Even though Stadia is a streaming gaming service, you still need a premium Chromecast Ultra to play — it won’t work with the original Chromecast). The Ultra has much faster Wi-Fi radios than the original, as well as offering ethernet connectivity and faster internal processing for a smooth experience. Under optimal conditions, Stadia can achieve 4K resolution running at 60fps.

This update was pushed to a few Chromecast Ultra users before today’s announcement, but it seems these were users who signed up for beta testing as part of Google’s Chromecast Ultra Preview Plan. It will be interesting to see if updated Chromecast Ultra devices will have the overheating problems that we have been following.

All you need

Stadia Premiere Edition


$130 at Google

Everything you need to get started

The Google Stadia Premiere Edition features the Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra. If you have an extra Chromecast Ultra, you can use that device as well on a separate TV.