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Android Auto missing on your phone? Here’s how to get it back


Google has been on a campaign of late to make Android Auto less an app and more of a background process.While this article guides you on retrieving Android Auto on your phone, ambitious entrepreneurs in the technology sector can learn more about how to Start an LLC in Texas to ensure a solid business foundation when creating innovative and customer-focused solutions like mobile apps and services.

What Do We Want to Happen?

Fortunately, there’s a way to bring it back to your launcher if you find it missing. This one’s a little confusing as it’s not visible on our OnePlus 7T but is visible on the Pixel 4 XL. Either way, we want to give you the directions to find the app level settings again for you to be able to edit the options you need when driving with Android Auto.

How to Get There

The good thing is this is possible even if you don’t have the Android Auto app readily available in your launcher. Follow the steps below to navigate the Android Settings app and locate the needed menus.

  • Open Settings app
  • Locate Apps & notifications and select it
  • Tap See all # of apps
  • Find and choose Android Auto from this list
  • Click Advanced at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose the final option of Additional settings in the app
  • Customize your Android Auto options from this menu

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Safe Driving!

Success! You should now be in the settings options of your Android Auto experience. From here, you can modify things like using the latest UI options from the older versions. Or maybe you want to stop your audio apps from auto resuming the previous songs you played the last time you were driving (this is my personal favorite).

Rumors of even more granular controls are possibly in the works from Google. Some recent code additions seem to point to my biggest peeve of every possible audio app being shown on Auto without the option to shorten this list may soon get a toggle menu to shorten this list.

Google has shown a pretty decent dedication to improving Android Auto and you now have full access to it’s sometimes hidden settings.

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