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Home News Amazon slashes Cyber Monday prices for Eero Mesh Wi-Fi systems

Amazon slashes Cyber Monday prices for Eero Mesh Wi-Fi systems

Amazon slashed the prices on Eero Mesh Wi-Fi systems and components for Cyber Monday. Wireless network equipment may not sound very exciting, especially if you’re thinking about giving or getting it as a holiday gift. If you think of mesh Wi-Fi as the infrastructure that empowers your digital life, however, you may decide to put a range extender or two at the top of your wish list.

It’s easy to take a good Wi-Fi signal for granted, but without Wi-Fi, or with a wireless signal that is erratic or too slow, many of the forces of tech change would falter or fail. TV cable-cutting, smart home security, and talking to Alexa or Google Assistant all depend on Wi-Fi. Amazon owns Eero, the company that makes the mesh Wi-Fi routers and range extenders in the deals below. Whether you’re buying Christmas gifts for others or want a stronger Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, these seven deals can help you save up to $150.

Eero mesh Wi-Fi router/extender — $29 off

The Eero mesh Wi-Fi router/extender can play one of two roles in strengthening your home wireless signal. Used alone, this dual-band Wi-Fi router blankets up to 1,500 square feet with a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you have a larger home or areas where the wireless signal strength is weak due to building design or interference from appliances or other factors, you can connect one or more additional units.

Normally priced at $99, the Eero mesh Wi-Fi router/extender is just $70 during the Cyber Monday sale. If you want to get started with multi-band mesh networking, this deal is an excellent opportunity.

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Eero Beacon mesh Wi-Fi range extender (add-on to Eero Wi-Fi systems) — $45 off

The Eero Beacon mesh Wi-Fi range extender is an add-on to existing Eero Wi-Fi systems. In addition to extending your home wireless coverage up to an additional 1,500 square feet, the Eero Beacon wall plug-in includes a self-adjusting ambient nightlight. Usually $149, the Eero Beacon mesh Wi-Fi range extender is on sale for $104 during Cyber Monday.

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Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi router/extender — $60 off

The Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi router/extender takes things up to an additional level from the Eero router above. The Pro model is a tri-band router that manages wireless signals in your home to avoid congestion and to give multiple users simultaneous access. Regularly priced $199, the Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi router/extender is just $139 during for this sale.

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Best Black Friday 2019 sales you can still shop today

Black Friday is over and it’s now Cyber Monday! Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are all piling on fresh deals and we’ll continue to work hard to gather the best of those sweet savings into one convenient location.

Eero mesh Wi-Fi system — router for whole-home coverage (3-pack) — $89 off

The Amazon Eero mesh Wi-Fi system three-pack includes three dual-band router/extenders to cover up to a 5,000-square-foot home. If you and your family are moderate internet users, meaning you don’t have multiple games and streaming video and audio using bandwidth, this system is intended to spread even coverage throughout your home.  Ordinarily $249, the Amazon Eero mesh Wi-Fi system three-pack is just $160 during the Black Friday sale.

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eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system (1 Pro plus 1 Beacon) — $90 off

This Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system (one Pro plus one Beacon) includes a tri-band router and a single dual-band Beacon extender. Rated to cover up to 5,500 square feet, and particularly appropriate if many of your wireless devices are grouped in a single part of your home, this system usually costs $299. For Black Friday, however, the price is just $209.

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Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system (1 Pro + 2 Beacons) — $120 off

This Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system consists of one tri-band Pro unit and two dual-band Beacon extenders with nightlights. This setup covers up to almost 5,000 square feet but is best when there are three separate office or entertainment areas in your home, each with multiple computers, games, smart home devices, and smart TVs. Normally priced at $399, the Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system with one Pro and two Beacons is just $279 during this sale.

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Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system — 3-Pack — $150 off

The Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system three-pack is the highest standard package, with three tri-band Pro router/extenders. If you have an extra-large home, with five or more bedrooms or several users who are into online gaming and media streaming, this setup provides the fastest and most reliable wireless coverage. Normally $499, Amazon discounted the Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system three-pack to $349 during this sale.

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We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.


Verizon announces Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW

Back in May, Verizon announced the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW, a phone compatible with Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband and lowband networks.Now Verizon has come back with the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW, a far more affordable smartphone than the flagship S20 while still bringing 5G connectivity.SpecsThe A71 5G UW features:A 6.7″ Super AMOLED Infinity-O DisplayA quad-camera rear array with a 64MP main module, a 12MP Ultra Wide lens, a 5MP Macro lens, and a 5MP Depth CameraA 32MP front cameraA 4,500mAh battery8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storagePricing and availabilityThe Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW has a retail price of $649.99, which breaks down to $27.08 a month for 24 months on Verizon Device Payment.However, if you activate a new line on any Premium Unlimited Plan, you can get the device for $15 a month or $20 a month online.Preorders for the Galaxy A71 5G UW start tomorrow, July 9 here. The phone will be available in stores starting July 16. During the preorder period, users can get 25% off cases and screen protectors.Verizon also launched three additional phones, the Samsung Galaxy A11 and A21 and the Orbic Journey L.

How to create and share WhatsApp QR code for groups

WhatsApp recently released a feature that allowed you to share contacts using a QR Code. This allowed for users to share their own and scan other QR Codes, saving users the trouble of exchanging mobile numbers or contact details. A new feature lets you share WhatsApp QR Code for groups, allowing you to invite others to join your private groups.The feature is currently in beta, but once it becomes public will maintain the same steps.A pre-requisite to this step is being the Admin of a group. This helps prevents members of the group from abusing the feature.In addition, the QR code is static. Anyone with access to the QR code can join the group, so be careful who you share it with.Step 1.If you are the admin of a group, tap on your group settings. You can quickly access this by pressing the header of your group.Alternatively, you can also press the three dots at the top right of the group window, and tapping on Group info.Step 2.Tap on Invite via link. You’ll see a lot of options here, but there will be a new option for QR Code, tap on that.WhatsApp will generate a QR code for that group.Step 3.If you’re looking at scanning the code, go back to your main screen on WhatsApp (where all your chats are located).Press the 3 dots at the top right of the screen and choose Settings. Look to the right of your name and status to see a QR Code icon.Once you tap on it, swipe to the right and you’ll get the option to scan a WhatsApp QR Code.If you’re looking to share the code, you can take a screenshot of the QR code and send it to the person for them to scan via their computer screen using their phone.Alternatively, if the person is in physical distance, they can also scan the code directly from your phone screen.The feature is currently in Beta, and might not be available to all users. You’ll have to wait patiently for the feature to become public.With the help of QR codes, adding people to a group is now further streamlined. You no longer have to add a person as a contact to add them to a group.Errors, omissions? Be sure to let us know what might be wrong and we’ll make an adjustment.

Just $89.95, the MagiMask is the future of AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two topics which have been kicking around for quite some time, with the former dating back decades. And thanks to the advances in phones and consoles, they both continue to get better. And cheaper.Augmented Reality really took off with the launch of Pokemon Go, ushering in an exciting and fun way to blend the real world with collectible characters. Over on the retail front, places like IKEA and Amazon are making AR an instrumental part of their shopping experience.What does the future hold for AR technology? It looks an awful lot like what MagiMask is doing today.Whereas most conventional AR accessories have an image that’s viewed via split-screen, the MakiMask is a singular full-screen experience. What’s more, it’s four times the resolution as compared to today’s common experience. That means fewer headaches and less eye strain.Beyond the AR aspect, the MagiMask is a fun way to enjoy movies and games on your handset. Paired with a Bluetooth controller, you’ll have more fun gaming with popular such as Fortnite. Or, simply take in a cinema-like experience from the comfort of your hammock.As we’ve seen time and again, innovations like these get their start on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It should come as no surprise to learn that the MagiMask was successfully backed on both outlets (Kickstarter, Indiegogo).Magimask BundleMagiMask: Full resolution 4x higher than split-screen VRsMagiTools: Physical tracker objects that allow you to easily interact w/ the digital worldUniversal phone mount: Adjusts to your AR-compatible smartphoneRecommended Portable Cinema Viewing Apps: Netflix, HBO, Hulu, VLC, YouTube, YouTube 360, & Amazon PrimeRecommended Augmented Reality Apps: Sketchfab, Augment, Kubity, IKEA, Alone, Holo, Sketch AR, Geogebra AR, Jig Space, Civilizations AR, Visible Body AR, Dinopark AR, & Enter the roomGaming & Drones: Grand Theft Auto (With Bluetooth Controller), Fortnite (With Bluetooth Controller), DJI (Navigate Drone With Controller, Connect To DJI app)Ludenso Create: Create 3D models & view your masterpiece in AR on the MagiTile with your iPad.Buy it Today!Normally, the MagiMask retails for $129.99; however, AndroidGuys readers can snag the MagiMask plus a bundle of props for $89.95. That’s 30% off its regular price, plus the goodies.Best SellersEarn Credits!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

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