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Top Software for Distributed Teams Management

Software development is not only complex but also a resource-consuming process. It takes a whole team of specialists to build a desktop or mobile application. For decades now companies were outsourcing software development to other countries to not only save money but also gain access to the global tech talent pool. The modern way to do so, even more efficiently, has emerged. These days, companies tend not to hire local developers but to build distributed teams with the help of outstaffing companies. This approach has proven to be the best solution not only for small or medium-sized companies but also for big enterprises.

On the other hand, managing a distributed team is quite a task. To give their clients more control over their projects and thus, let them feel safer, outstaffing companies use all kinds of software that help to organize the workflow and get things done properly. Now let’s see what software do they use and why.

Task Management Software

When you have a team of designers, programmers and marketers, you would want each member of that team to do the job on time. Usually, some members of the team can do their work only when the others have done theirs. Meaning, a programmer can start building a user interface only once a designer has prepared the “design part”. Long story short, here’s a list of task management software you would want to try out:

  • Redmine
  • Jira
  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Airtable

These are just a few of the best but it should be more than enough. If for any reason, none of these work well for you, you can always find a replacement because there are hundreds of such apps out there. A piece of good advice here would be to listen to your project managers as they probably have an experience using one or all of them.

Knowledge Management Software

Even if your team consists of extremely experienced specialists, there are things that they have to learn. It can be corporate rules and policy, guides on doing something, standards to be followed and more. Thus, you would need a place for all that knowledge. It has to be simple to use and easy to access. Your employees should be able to quickly find any information they need. This is where knowledge management software comes in handy. Among the best you would find:

  • Notion
  • Redmine
  • Tribe
  • Evernote Business
  • Groove

Once again, these are just a few apps from hundreds. You might end-up using another software and that’s totally ok as long as everything works out well for your team.

Team Communication Software

Even if your team is all set up and ready to work, there would be situations that require communication. It does not mean your team member is not doing their job properly, it’s just the way things are. People have to communicate to get the project done properly, they need to talk to solve uprising issues. Also, your team members should be able to chat. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep working, keep doing the same job over and over again. If your employees are responsible, they won’t be spending much time talking to each other about things that are not related to the job. They might be sending a few messages to each other, they can joke or even talk about things they like and that should be fine with you. It’s team-building, in a way. It’s common and should not be a problem as long as everybody takes their jobs seriously. In any case, here’s a list of software you can try out:

  • Slack
  • RocketChat
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • RingCentral

With the help of these apps, your employees would easily communicate even if they are located in different offices. You can also create channels of different departments (marketing, design) or teams or even products.

It’s Not Only Software – It’s People

Instead of summing up and making a conclusion, I would like to say that even if you have the best software out there, everything really depends on the team. You can choose software from each category randomly and, if you have a team of professionals, they would be able to work efficiently in any case.


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