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The best horoscope apps for iOS and Android


The ancients believed that we could chart the position of the celestial bodies in the sky to foretell our fortunes, romantic prospects, and career trajectories. Although the jury is still out on that one, astrology and horoscopes remain valuable tools for revealing insights about one’s self.

These days, however, there’s no need to look your horoscope up in the back pages of your local newspaper. Instead, you can use any of these apps to read your horoscope directly on your smartphone.


TimePassages, one of the most popular astrology apps, is now a free app that you can use right on your iPhone. Astrology charts let you discover the meaning behind your sun, moon, and rising sign. You can also find out if someone is compatible with you using the compatibility meter which shows you the potential for love or even the likelihood of successful business relationships. The app is free to use with in-app purchases starting from $1 and going up to $10 for an unlimited pass.

Horoscoper Club

This is a great astrology app that allows you to play quizzes online and challenge friends. You get your free daily horoscope on love, career, health, and more. You can get instant advice using Tarot Cards, but the app also gives you access to numerology, moon phase, Mercury retrograde, and zodiac compatibility. This app also has an instant messaging feature to let you chat in real time with one friend or even create group conversations. Subscription packages range from $2 up to $45 for a 12-month premium package, also you can find free numerology calculators.

Chaturanga Astrology

Unlike most horoscope apps, Chaturanga actually allows you to chat with an astrologer. You can ask the first question for free, but if you want to ask additional questions, you’ll have to buy a pack or pay for each individually. The app also specializes in a variety of topics, including relationships, career, and business. It’s even compatible with the Apple Watch, even if you’re an Apple aficionado.


iHoroscope allows you access to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes. The app also allows you to chat with a psychic, and if you ask questions, you’ll receive your answers in mere minutes. Apple Watch integration is just an added plus.

The DailyHoroscope

If you just want an in-depth app that allows for different types of horoscopes, then The DailyHoroscope might be the app for you. The app provides you with your daily horoscope, along with access to yearly Chinese horoscopes, your zodiac compatibility, and even a druid horoscope. This app is also compatible with Android devices, as well as the iPhone and iPad.

Horoscope and Tarot

This app lets you see your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope. It also provides a daily tarot reading and lets you ask an astrologer questions. The app even features several games — including Mood Ring and the Magic Love Ball — and supports the both English and Spanish languages.

Astrolis Horoscopes and Tarot

This app uses the position of the planets to provide your horoscope, giving you quick insights into your future career and love life. You can also personalize the app so that it gives you your horoscope immediately upon launching, which saves you from having to navigate to the appropriate screen. The app provides tarot readings, too, which you can then share via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Are you looking for more apps? Check out our picks for the best apps for Android and the best apps for iPhone.

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