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How to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with an Android phone


Playing games on your smart phone is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. However, with some games it can be really hard to play when you’re just tapping fingers on a screen. Fortunately, it’s possible to sync up a traditional controller of some kind. The Playstation 4 controller as well as the Xbox One controller have already been compatible with Android, but recently, Android 10 quietly added Nintendo Switch Pro Controller compatibility. Here’s how to pair your Pro Controller to your Android phone to play games like Fortnite.

Note: You will only be able to use a Pro Controller if your phone is running Android 10. Additionally, the process for syncing the controller with your phone will be different from one phone to the next.

Products used in this guide

A compatible phone: Google Pixel 3a ($368 at Amazon)

The handhold: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ($63 at Amazon)

How to sync your Pro Controller to your Android phone via Bluetooth

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.

Hold down the sync button on the top of the Pro Controller until the buttons on the bottom start flashing.


Next, go into your phone’s apps and open the Settings menu.

Select Connected devices.

how-to-sync-pro-controller-with-android- how-to-sync-pro-controller-with-android-

Select Pair new device. Make sure you have your Pro Controller and your phone near each other when this happens.

The Pro Controller should show up in the list of Available devices. Select the Pro Controller to begin the pairing process.


Once the Pro Controller shows up as a connected device you’re good to play with it. Enjoy your gaming session! Note that some games will require you to go into the settings and select the Pro Controller as the main way to control the game.


Mobile control

There you have it, now you’re able to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with your Android phone. Just remember that in order for this pairing to work, your phone needs to be running Android 10. Now get out there and have some fun with your favorite mobile games.

A compatible phone

Google Pixel 3a


$367 at Amazon $368 at Walmart

A great phone for mobile gaming

One of the Google’s best smartphone that has the ability to run Android 10 and thus is compatible with the Pro Controller for mobile gaming.

The handhold

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


$63 at Amazon

The serious Nintendo gamer’s controller of choice

This sweet controller feels great in your hands and can be synced with any smartphone that’s currently running Android 10.

Additional mobile games

If you’re looking for other mobile games that support an external controller, here are a few suggestions.



$8 at Google Play Store

This Zelda-like game has you running through dungeons, destroying pots, and solving puzzles all so you can defeat a great evil that rose from the deep.

Horizon Chase World Tour


$4 at Google Play Store

This flashy racing game boasts plenty of awesome-looking cars and fun courses. If you want to play the full game you’ll need to pay $3.99.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic


Free w/ ads at Google Play Store

Relive your childhood by playing the familiar levels of this classic Sega game. It’s free to download, but just be aware that there are ads.

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