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How to stay connected when housebound

Staying connected to friends, family and colleagues when you’re housebound can be tricky. You can feel out of the loop and disconnected from others. There are many reasons you might be housebound; perhaps you’re unwell, looking after a relative or you’re recovering from an accident. If the latter is the case you’ll know you’ll need to hire a good lawyer – but you might not know how the best ways of connecting to those on the outside world. Luckily, we’re living in technological times, and technology can do much of the hard work. So, how can you stay connected when housebound?


If you’re housebound and worried about being out of the loop at work, you can connect to your colleagues via email on your laptop and phone. Whilst you don’t want to be inundated with messages, making sure they know you want to be kept in the loop will help ease your mind, and it’ll be nice to receive a few emails from colleagues checking up on you. If you don’t want to be staring at a screen, Microsoft is now introducing AI software that reads your emails out loud. Whatever your methods, staying on top of emails will make your transition back to work easier and less stressful. Just make sure you take time for yourself, too.  


If you prefer your connections to be vocal, phone or video calls can help you to feel less isolated when you’re housebound. Whilst the majority of your friends and family might be out at work in the day, scheduling a call with them in the evening or when they’re on lunch could brighten both of your days, and doesn’t have to take long. Hearing their voice will remind you of your connection and cheer you up if you’re feeling isolated.


One of the joys of advanced technology is that to communicate with people we don’t always have to speak to them. So, if you don’t fancy a phone call or feel that an email is too formal, send your colleague a text message. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family without feeling like you’re taking up too much of their time, and can be done without Wi-Fi, too.


Whilst you might not think you’re much of a gamer, gaming can be an excellent way to connect with others. As well as communicating with friends that like gaming, you can make new connections through a wide variety of different games and explore your interests. If you’re sitting at home with little to do, why not pick up this fun and interactive new hobby?

Social media

Social media seems to be the topic that divides the nation. Whilst some people love being connected all the time, it makes others feel under pressure. However, using social media can be a great way to stay in the loop whilst you’re housebound, especially if you’re struggling with other forms of communication. Try not to become too reliant on it though; you may feel low watching your friends having a good time whilst you’re stuck in the house. Always remember that social media isn’t an accurate portrayal of real life, and people are selective about what they post. Try to use social media for positive messages, and to lead to a face-to-face communication.


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