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How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

It’s estimated that we spend close to 2,000 hours per year on a computer at work and most of us don’t stop our use of technology there. We come home to play games on our tablet and often lay in bed at night scrolling through social media. With so much exposure to a screen, it’s no wonder that many people experience eye fatigue and eye strain. One way to help combat this issue is through the use of blue light blocking glasses, an item that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Could these be the answer to your optical prayers and ensure that you never experience headaches or dry eyes again? Let’s first take a moment to fully understand why blue light is concerning and how these glasses work to protect your eyes from this specific wavelength.

A Silent Concern

Although most people hear about blue light in the context of their digital devices, this wavelength of light is actually emitted everywhere, from your smartphone and the lightbulbs in your home to the sun itself. However, we spend so much of our days and nights looking at digital devices that it makes sense to address our exposure during these portions of our lives.

Across the entire visible light spectrum, this particular type of light falls toward the UV side of things and can cause damage to the cells in our retinas. Extreme instances of overexposure can lead to macular degeneration, the slow loss of one’s central vision, and even blindness, but for most people, headaches and blurry vision typically ensue after a long day at the office.

Why Glasses Are The Answer

Rather than staying away from your computer – and let’s face it, most of us couldn’t if we tried – many people opt for a pair of blue light blocking glasses. In most cases, this eyewear looks just like any other with one small exception – the yellow tint that’s found within the lenses. Rather than trying to make a fashion statement, this coloration actually works to prevent up to 99% of blue light from reaching your eyes.

While the lenses appear to be simply tinted yellow, and in some cheaper cases are, a proper pair of computer glasses actually contains multiple layers within the lenses. These layers work to simultaneously block and absorb the blue wavelength of light, ensuring that you can use your digital devices for hours without worrying about eye strain or a nagging headache. Many lenses also include an anti-reflective layer for extra blue-blocking protection while also offering glare resistance and scratch protection all in one.

Does It Matter?

Even if you’re one of the few people who doesn’t experience eye issues after prolonged digital use or even more rare, you’re someone who doesn’t work on a screen for the bulk of your day, avoiding blue light is still important. Being around this wavelength causes our bodies to stop producing melatonin, a chemical that’s important in helping to regulate our sleep. Melatonin basically tells our bodies when to rest and when to be awake and alert, so any shift in this cycle can be difficult to deal with.

People who use computer glasses after just a few days have remarked that they notice a difference in their quality of sleep, thus allowing them to be more productive during the day. These glasses can be worn during the day when on the computer for extended periods of time, and are particularly important to use at night as it gets closer to bedtime. Available in a wide range of fashionable styles, they’re an easy way to protect your eyes against a wavelength of light that can lead to health issues down the line.


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