Smartphones have permeated day-to-day living, with easy access to entertainment and communication their primary selling points. But when it comes to business or work, nothing beats computers, especially of the mobile and flexible kind.

It is projected that global shipments of laptop computers will reach 171 million in 2023, according to Statista. Laptops reached a peak in 2010 with 201 million units sold. 

Why Buy a Business Laptop?

Laptops are indeed game changers in the entrepreneurial and professional fields by enabling computing while commuting. Hailed for being compact and versatile, they are packed with functionalities with the flexibility to suit an office, telecommuting, or a digital-nomad lifestyle. Browsing, preparing presentations, video calling, writing reports and documents, editing, and more processes—such can be the daily fare of these notebook computers.

Business folks and workers would thus prefer the more powerful and durable models that are built to bear the brunt of everyday usage. With capabilities more advanced than those of the usual consumer laptops, business laptops allow their users to get through a given workday, delivering performance and efficiency.

Now, you are reminded of a business laptop’s purpose and why it’s recommended to get one for your chosen field. The next important question, which is relevant given the countless releases every year, is the following.

What Does This Business Laptop Look Like?

Without dropping actual laptop products or names, here are essential qualities that help you visualize your business laptop. 


Do you expect to work outside or go on business trips with your laptop in tow? The size and weight of the laptop matter (e.g., how it easily slips into a bag and how light or heavy it is to lug and commute).

You can shop by display size, which ranges from 11 to 18 inches. The larger the screen, the more cumbersome it is to bring your laptop around. Portability is not a stand-alone quality as you have to make sure that processing power and features critical for multitasking are put into consideration.

Battery Life

It’s a fundamental attribute of laptops, and for uninterrupted work, you will find laptops with 12 to 15 hours of battery life to them. The rule of thumb is for your unit to survive an average workday or long flight, which is eight to nine hours, without the help of a power outlet.

Don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it. Actual battery life remains contingent on how you use the machine, including the display, and even the temperature of the room.


This component affects the performance of your laptop, being the central processing unit. The choice of a processor depends on the applications you will run and the budget you have, although to simplify things, it ultimately boils down to Intel versus AMD.

Other specs that you need to look into are RAM, hard drive, connectivity, display, and media drives. Processors can consume more power and, in turn, will take a toll on your battery life.


Your business laptop can slow down, being unable to keep up with more demanding applications or updates. Usual upgrades like replacing a hard drive with an SSD and expanding RAM are more doable on a desktop computer than they are on a laptop, which is like a sealed box. To ensure you have this option of upgradability when the time comes, use an online tool to see spec upgrades your laptop can support.

Display and Audio Quality

A 1080 screen resolution offers stunning visuals for videos, presentations, and the usual video calls. You can even go 4K display with touch-screen capability; prices range from competitive to high-end.

Sound quality is not guaranteed even when the laptop is on the pricier side. What you can do is to buy a headphone/headset or tweak the sound enhancements built into the computer.

Docking Station

Consider a docking station for your laptop to enjoy more ports. You have plenty of choices for this accessory, which connects the device to numerous gadgets to accomplish your daily tasks and fill the gap of existing features. For example, a specific docking station supports up to 4K or 5K display resolution; then another has multiple USB 3.0 ports with a power supply.


Your work is a serious business. A laptop that enhances your productivity is the perfect tool alongside accessories that improve your daily workflow.