Best gifts for PS4 owners on Black Friday

If you’re shopping for someone who is a huge PlayStation 4 fan and you’re not entirely sure what that means, know that you are not alone. Shopping for a gamer isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. It’s doubly hard if they’re the type to go out and buy the latest game the first day it’s available. If your PlayStation 4 fan has switched to shopping digital, you may not even be able to see what games they have without tipping them off. So what do you do for gifts?

Black Friday is easily the best time of year to grab some simple, easy gifts for your PlayStation 4-owning friends. Discounts and flash sales are going to be frequent during this online shopping period, so whatever you’re looking for, there will likely be something that fits your needs.

Custom comfort

Staff Pick

ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller


This controller is expensive, there is no denying that, but the Astro c40 TR is pretty amazing too. With the number of customizable parts on this controller, the c40 TR can be just about anything you want it to be. This flexibility is a massive boon considering how much personal preference comes into play on controller layouts. PlayStation opted for a symmetrical design on the DualShock for aesthetics, but most find asymmetrical to be more ergonomic. The c40 TR lets the player choose.

$200 at Amazon

A gift that keeps on giving

PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership – Digital Code


One of the best parts of playing PlayStation games is being able to play with friends online. For many PS4 games, that means having a PlayStation Plus subscription. This service not only gets your PS4 owner access to playing with friends online but also exclusive sales and discounts. As well as giving them two free games every month as part of the subscription, the price of which usually amounts to more than what you paid for the whole year’s subscription.

$45 at Amazon

Communication is key

Astro A10’s for PlayStation 4


Astro’s entry-level wired headset is one of its most compelling options, especially when you weigh the quality you get for the price. Made from “damage resistant polycarbonate,” the A10’s can take a beating that would sideline most headsets. You may not be getting much in the way of fancy features, but you do get a reliable, well-made, and great-sounding headset with in-line volume control and omnidirectional mic featuring flip-up muting.

$60 at Amazon

Make room for more

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 – 2TB External Hard Drive


No matter which PlayStation system the gamer in your life has, one thing can be guaranteed. Sooner or later, their hard drive will run out of space. Seagate’s slim-line, compact design that can fit just about anywhere on your entertainment center. Not only that, but it’s officially licensed by PlayStation and has a perfect design that will fit right in with the console. This edition comes with 2TB, but non-licensed versions are also available in 4TB.

$80 at Amazon

The next stop in reality

PlayStation VR – Astro Bot and Moss Bundle


Lots of people who play games enjoy feeling immersed in story and graphics, and PlayStation VR is Sony’s effort to take that feeling a step further. It’s a VR headset that lets people enjoy looking around from inside the game and offers a whole new set of games exclusive to the experience. This headset works with Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers, which allows you to reach out with your hands and interact with the VR worlds seen in the headset.

$270 at GameStop

An ace in the hole

$50 PlayStation Store Gift Card – Digital Code


When in doubt, a gift card is always something a gamer will enjoy. Especially with the option of digital games becoming so popular, it’s challenging to know which titles somebody already owns. With a PlayStation Store gift card, they can buy a new game, DLC or some in-game items they’ve been eyeing which you might not know about. They could even hold onto the gift in their PlayStation wallet until a sale to get several games at once!

$50 at Amazon

Give with confidence

With a few items to get you started shopping for the PlayStation gamer in your life, any of these will likely put a smile on their face. But a pro-gaming controller like the Astro c40 TR’s might make it a sheer grin. It is so customizable that it can fit anybody’s preference for layout and comfort, and it is something not everybody would splurge to buy themselves. However, that price tag doesn’t make it a gift everybody can give, and there is no shame in that.

You will never go wrong with a PlayStation Store gift card, it can be any game your gamer wants and who can say no to that. With values ranging from $10 to $100, it can fit any budget, and they don’t expire. If that title they were hoping hasn’t released just yet, it can be saved in their PlayStation wallet for when they want to use it.

But, no matter what you decide to get for your gamer, the fact that you are putting in an effort to understand their hobby. Helping them find something they’ll enjoy is what means the most.

How to choose the best Black Friday deals on gifts for PlayStation 4 owners

What kind of gift are you shopping for? Are you looking for something specific or just something that covers multiple bases and will easily be appreciated? Figuring that out before Black Friday will help you focus on catching discounts and deals for the specific things you want.

If you want to grab a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, PlayStation is discounting these by 25% for its Black Friday sale. There’s also going to be great discounts on PlayStation VR bundles. As for games, if you’re not sure what game to grab someone, just sending a gift card can be a great gift. If you want something besides PlayStation’s official lineup, Seagate is likely to have discounts on its line of external hard drives and extra storage never goes unappreciated.

We’ll be keeping you updated on specific discounts for items that’ll make great gifts for PlayStation 4 owners as we see them. For more deals and advice on PlayStation, Android and other tech, you can check out our Black Friday shopping guides right here.