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5 Smartphone Tricks that 99% Users Don’t Know

Human beings, scientifically known as homo sapiens, were the most clever creation until the smartphones were developed. The irony here is that the device was created by humans but, still 99% of them don’t know how to use these smart devices 100%. In fact, the device on which you are reading this write-up is 100 times smarter than you thought.

Hi folks! Welcome to this article which sheds light on some of the smartphone hacks that will transform your user experience. Also, the tricks listed in this piece of writing are not known to 99% of the common crowd. Ready to blow your mind? If yes, then pick a pen & paper, and start scrolling the page.

  1. Turn the ‘Airplane Mode’ on to Charge the Phone Faster

One thing that hurts more than a breakup is when your phone rings an alarm of ‘Low Battery’ when you have to go out for some urgent work. In such a scenario, you will wish to have a magic wand that can transform the battery percentage from 1% to 100%, right? Then here is good news for you. The magic wand is available on your phone and all you have to do is to tap it. On a serious note, clicking ‘Airplane Mode’ on your smartphone will help your phone charge faster. Since, after you have changed the mode, your device does not have to search for network signals and thus, no battery is drained.

  • Easiest Way to Record Cinematographic Captures

Ever happened that you shot a great scene, but still had to delete it because of the unclear/ambient audio? If yes, then here’s a trick that will help you big times. All you have to do is to cover the microphone with your finger while recording. Doing so will help you to capture good quality sound. Moreover, this will also reduce the financial strain from your pocket as you will not require to purchase an external microphone for your device. Start following this hack, your editing skills will surely improve!

Now, let us move on to the next hack.

  • Smartphone + Dry Rice = Deadly Combo

The next trick on our list is especially for the ones who have dropped their phones in the water at one point or the other. To fix the problem, all you will require is a box full of dry rice. Yes, you read that right. Dry rice has the ability to make your ‘wet’ phone ‘dry.’ All you have to do is rest aside your phone in an air-tight dry rice box and leave it aside for a week. After a week, get ready to witness a miracle! Your phone will be completely dry and ready to use once again. Now, save yourself a couple of bucks when your phone falls in the water the next time. And, for the ones who want everything in measurements, the succeeding trick will be of great help.

  • Measure ‘Needle’ to ‘Eiffel Tower’ with a Click

Okay, let us understand it this way- What is the measurement of your study table? Obviously, you would require a ruler or a measurement tape to calculate the exact value, right? But, what would be your reaction if someone says to you that you can do the same with your mobile phone? Well, the truth has been spoken. There are many applications available on the website that can provide you the measurements on just a tap. Some of the popular apps are Measure, AirMeasure, etc. No matter, you want to know the size of the needle or Eiffel tower, a click is all you need.

  • Avoid Phone During Charging to Save Battery Life

Ever wondered why the mobile phone manufacturers offer such a small-length cord? You would reply that they want to cut the cost of manufacturing. Sadly, the answer is 100% wrong. The reality lies far away from what you can pursue. The main reason behind this is that they do not want the customers to use smartphones while charging as it decreases battery life. Almost all the phones work on Li-ion batteries and these batteries need to be replaced after the limited charge cycle. Thus, if you want to increase the lifetime of your battery, then avoid using your phone while charging.

This brings us to the end of the write-up. By far, you must have known some of the best hacks that will double your user-experience.

About the Author: Lexi Edwards is a 26-year old academic writer working at Assignment Desk. She is a Computer Science graduate and provides assignment writing services to the students on the same subject. Being a techno-geek, she loves to exhibit her knowledge through various blogs and articles. On Sunday afternoons, she can be seen watering plants in her kitchen garden.


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