Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the main marketing pillars of 2019 and for good reason. Before someone is ready to buy your product or service they want to get to know you and your brand. Running a blog and publishing posts regularly generates more leads and helps you convert them into paying customers.

In this post, we will show you 3 proven ways to use your SEO analytics to promote your blog.

Let’s dive in.

1. Publish data-driven content

Writing a data-driven post is a great way to make your blog stand out. People are more likely to share something that is conclusive and has interesting data that they can cite. For example, if you sell light bulbs you could post about the benefits of LED bulbs and show the data on it.

Use your SEO analytics to see which of your articles get the most organic traffic and which keywords are the most popular on your blog. You can use this data to come up with the best idea – one that would be shared the most, and rank the best on Google.

2. Cross-promote with other bloggers

Another proven way to get more traffic to your blog is by working with other bloggers. Look into your Google Analytics data to get the most popular topics and most visited blog posts on your site and then conduct some Google searches to find other bloggers that are writing about similar things.

Compile a list of bloggers that you want to work with and send them all an email campaign. You can use a tool like Mailshake or Lemlist to automate your outreach and send several follow-ups.

Remember, you can always ask these bloggers if they could promote your content to their email list and vice versa. That way both audiences could benefit.

3. Upgrade your old content

So many bloggers try to re-invent the wheel and focus on publishing new content all the time. Your blog’s real strength is in the old content that is already ranking on Google. On average it takes about 6-12 months to get your piece of content to rank #1-3.

So instead of spending time on creating new content, take a piece of content that is already getting you a ton of traffic and is ranking well and upgrade it. You can add more keywords to it, you can add new sections, or make an infographic.

Your old content probably already ranks for some keywords so when you upgrade it could easily rank for other related keywords and get you even more traffic.


There are many ways to promote your blog but the best ideas come out of looking at your SEO analytics and data to strengthen what already works. Here are the three tips that we discussed:

  1. Publish data-driven content
  2. Work with other bloggers to promote your content
  3. Upgrade and improve your old content

If you use these three tips you will surely increase your ranking, traffic, and sales.