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Home News Your Google Pixel 4 XL deserves only the best cases

Your Google Pixel 4 XL deserves only the best cases

With that fun new Soli sensor, a 90Hz screen, and the latest and greatest goodies from Google, the Pixel 4 XL is a tall drink of awesome that I can’t wait to get in my hands. However, after enjoying that smooth glass back for about 10 minutes, the Pixel 4 XL will be going in a case and staying in a case so that it doesn’t get ruined when my butterfingers inevitably lose their grip in the sweaty Florida humidity. Here are the best cases to grab before your Pixel 4 XL shows up.

Protect and showcase

Ringke Fusion-X

Staff pick


I love the Fusion-X because it showcases the phone’s natural beauty while still giving robust corner and drop protection. The black and camo black options should really pop against the orange Pixel 4 XL.

$12 at Amazon

Feels so good

Google Fabric Case


Google’s done fabric cases for three years now, and they always feel and look amazing. This year, Google’s widened the weave and the colors are absolutely on point. Just look at that Blue-ish! Look at it!!

$40 at Google Store

Crystal clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal


Spigen’s clear case is slim, shiny, and perfectly accents the Pixel 4 XL’s curves while adding some much-needed grip to this glassy Google beauty. The flexible TPU construction makes it a breeze to get on and off.

$10 at Amazon

Do your part

Pela Eco-Friendly Turtle Edition


Phone cases need to be sturdy and stylish, but they don’t need to be wasteful. Pela makes cases that are 100% compostable and super-cool. A portion of this Ocean Series case’s proceeds are donated to charity.

$43 at Pela

Classic heavy duty

Tudia Merge Series


Tudia’s hybrid case grips your Pixel 4 XL snugly with a TPU sleeve and adds sturdiness with a colorful polycarbonate shell. There are four colors here, but the best of them are the bright blue and warm Rose Gold.

$10 at Amazon

Forget its there

Totallee Thin


Totallee’s cases are perfect for the people who hate cases. They’re ridiculously thin, feel great while adding grip, and come in a couple of styles to let you get the feel you prefer: understated black, frosted white, or a squishy clear.

$29 at Totallee

Mesmerizing mosaic

Caseology Parallax


Caseology’s hybrid case eschews the solid, boring back for the unique cubist pattern that adds some depth and style to your Pixel 4 XL. I’m eager to see the fall festival vibe the Burgundy/Rose Gold gives off with the Orange version.

$14 at Amazon

Fab folio feel

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet


Snakehive’s wallets are a swanky suede European nubuck leather, with three card slots and an extra cash flap behind them. There are five colors available, and Snakehive offers free engraving to personalize yours.

$37 at Snakehive

New take on an old favorite

Cose Jack Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber cases have been popular for as long as Android phones have existed, but rather than consigning the carbon fiber to accents at the top and bottom, Cose Jack puts it all over the back instead.

$7 at Amazon

Hold on tight

Speck Presidio Grip


Speck’s durable case comes in four fun two-tone color schemes that offer up those distinctive grippy grooves across the back and sides while also offering antimicrobial properties and 10-foot drop protection.

$40 at Speck

Let’s kick it

Spigen Tough Armor


Spigen’s heavy duty case packs a kickstand into its tortoise-like shell, while the thicker TPU sleeve can help absorb more force from drops to avoid shattering your screen.

$14 at Amazon

Ultra-thin durability

Tech21 Studio Colour


Tech21 may be better known for the thicker and clearer Evo Check line, but the slimmer Studio Colour line offers the same anti-microbial protection and plant-based materials while offering great protection in a super slim package.

$17 at Amazon

Clear protection

ESR Air Armor


ESR’s sturdier clear case sports air cushioned corners to help keep your Pixel 4 XL safe from drops while still showing off that Google style in full glory without being quite as angular as the Ringke Fusion-X.

$14 at Amazon

Holster included

OtterBox Defender Series


OtterBox is synonymous with heavy duty cases, and sometimes you really do get what you pay for. This can can withstand just about anything life throws at you, but you may need to turn up Active Edge sensitivity.

$61 at OtterBox

Slot in the style

Abitku Leather CS


Folio cases can carry a lot, but they’re also huge. This leather/fabric case instead sports a slim card slot you can use for an ID or cash, comes in three colors, and looks quite swanky.

$12 at Amazon

Defend your Android

The Pixel 4 XL has a lot of great options available right off the bat, but the one I trust the most with my new Google flagship is the Ringke Fusion-X, which allows me to show off the distinct Google design while also adding some extra edge and style with the colored bumpers. Space Blue will look great with the black and white versions, and the Black and Camo Black will look great with any color Pixel 4 XL.

If you prefer not to bulk up your brand-new and already-large phone, the Tech21 Studio Colour and its super-slim profile offer scatch protection and grip without adding any bulk at all. Despite being an ultra-thin case, the Studio Colour is still rated for drops up to 8 feet — not that I’d want to test that claim — and has anti-microbial protection, which is great for those of us who use our Pixels quite literally everywhere.


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