Mac is one of the preferred operating systems, which is loved by millions of people from around the world. However the default QuickTime player might not allow you to play some of the popular video formats like the MKV format.

It is quite surprising that Apple does not support this format by default, especially when MKV is one of the best formats for compressing the video files, without compromising on the quality. It is in fact, one of the best formats for storing big files, because it can easily carry text, video, and audio content in a single file.

When you download movies and TV series online, it is probably one of the best formats to choose. If you like to download and watch BluRay rips from the internet, you will come across these MKV files. However, your Mac computer will not allow you to play these files by default.

In this post, we shall look at some of the best solutions for watching MKV video files on your Apple computers and laptops. Find below three different ways for MKV video playback on your Mac computers.

Using 3rd party QuickTime Plugins: 

There are some plugins that you can add to your existing QuickTime player, in order to be able to watch the MKV files, without getting any ‘unidentified file’ error. Although it allows you to watch MKV files without having to install additional software, it does have some limitations. Many people have found this option as a bit of inconvenience, because the videos take more time for loading.

The second option is to convert the file to compatible MP4 format:

You could change the MKV format to MP4 with online converters, or by downloading some format converting software. It is an effective workaround indeed, but you will have to do it for every MKV file that you come across. After a certain stage, you will be simply bored of converting every file that you have to watch on your Mac computers or laptops.

The third and the best option – Simply download and use a MKV player:

Why do you have to go through the process of converting the files every time, or slowing down the loading of the files, when you can simply download and install a MKV playeron your Mac system?

Things become a lot simpler when you have installed the MKV player. Just click on the files and play them. Among the many MKV players that are available, we have found the 5KPlayer to be one the best. Let’s go through some highlights of this MKV player for Mac.

You can play almost all the modern video file formats that are available out there. Be it 360 degree videos, DVD, live radios, 4K videos, UHD, or HDR, this player allows you to comfortably watch those videos, without any kind of delays.

5KPlayer comes with complete package which supports almost all the video file formats. You won’t have to install any additional codex for using this tool. It has many other features like screen mirroring, recording the mirroring files, and also many other editing options like cutting, rotating, audio, color balance, etc.

If you are looking for the best MKV player for Mac, then we highly recommend 5KPlayer.