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These cases will help save your Moto One Zoom from accidental disasters


Now that the Moto One Zoom has been released, the device is beginning to make its way into the hands of more and more people. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the One Zoom is the quad-camera system on the rear of the handset. This means you’ll want to be ready to go when the time strikes for the perfect picture, and you won’t want to worry about accidental drops or damage. Here are the best cases you can get for the Moto One Zoom in 2019!

Clear and lightweight

SLEO Super-Slim Clear Case

Staff pick


Show off the Moto One Zoom to everyone who cares to see this new phone with the SLEO Super-slim Clear Case. The case has “air pockets” on all four corners for extra protection against drops, and raised edges around the display and camera lens to avoid scratches.

$8 at Amazon

Flipping versatility

Feitenn Flip Case


You usually need a case that’s as versatile as the phone it’s being used with and that’s what you get with the Feitenn Flip Case. This case comes in five different colors, while doubling as a kickstand in a pinch and allows for you to throw one credit card or ID card in the flap.

$11 at Amazon

Hotline bling

Dzxouui Glitter Bling Case

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve got some personality and you can show it off with the Dzxouui Glitter Bling Case. The TPU exterior will absorb any shock from accidental drops, while the glitter will move around as you move the Moto One Zoom around.

$9 at Amazon

Extreme coverage

Osophter Full-Body Protective Cover


Osophter’s Full-Body Cover looks like something you would want if you are prone to drops or have a labor-intensive job. The case pairs TPU with Polycarbonate for a great protection combination, while staying lightweight.

$10 at Amazon

No nonsense

Dzxouui Soft TPU Cover


There are times where you don’t care about additional functionality or extra flair with your cases. The Dzxouui Soft TPU Case is your best bet as you get easy access to all of the cutouts, and there is a Money Back Guarantee if the case does not meet your satisfaction.

$8 at Amazon

Carbon fiber

FINON Carbon Design TPU Case


TPU cases are all fine and dandy but many of them don’t solve the problem of your phone slipping out of your hands. With the FINON Carbon Design TPU Case, that problem is solved as the carbon fiber pattern adds a little bit extra grip.

$13 at Amazon

High class

SLEO Retro PU Leather Wallet Folio


When it comes to phone cases, or just general accessories, there’s just something about leather that continues to appeal. The SLEO Retro Leather Wallet Folio gives you six colors to choose from, a card slot and pocket for cash, along with a magnetic clasp to keep the flap closed throughout the day.

$12 at Amazon

Heavy duty protection

EasyLifeGo Heavy Duty Armor


If you are a clumsy person, or have a labor-intensive job, then the EasyLifeGo Heavy Duty Armor is our pick. This case combines plastic and silicone, while the company includes a tempered glass screen protector for 360-degrees of protection. There is even a metal ring kickstand to help keep the One Zoom in your hand, along with quickly propping it up to watch a video.

$9 at Amazon

Keep it safe

There are so many different cases to choose from that it can be rather difficult to come to a conclusion on what to choose. Our favorite case is the SLEO Super-Slim Clear Case due to the fact that not only can you show off the One Zoom, but the reinforced corners and raised edges to ensure that nothing bad will happen to your new phone.

For those who want a bit more functionality, then you want to check out the Feitenn Flip Case. This case doubles as a kickstand, while sporting a cutout on the front flap to stay on the phone. There is even a card slot on the inside of the flap to house a credit card or ID card.

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