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The latest PUBG Mobile update aims to get you into the halloween spirit



Get into the Halloween spirit with PUBG Mobile’s updated Zombie mode that introduces killer clowns!

What you need to know

  • Version 0.15.0 update introduces “Halloweeks” theme, Zombie mode 2.0, and an explosive new Payload Mode that features explosive weapons and helicopters.
  • Introduces the Desert Eagle pistol and BRDM-2 armored vehicle available across all maps and offers firearm tweaks and general performance improvements
  • Other gameplay upgrades include giving the players the ability to jump and grab onto ledges and the addition of explosive fuel barrels.


This week, PUBG Mobile is rolling a pretty massive Halloween themed update that includes a bunch of new challenges for those who love collecting rewards and cosmetic upgrades. The full 0.15.0 patch notes include everything that’s new and updated in game, but the most substantial addition is a new EvoGround mode called Payload Mode that will introduce heavy weapons such as RPGs, grenade launchers, and a minigun that will be available to players in Super Weapon Crates.

The mode will also introduce a recall system for reviving dead teammates (a feature we’ve seen in other Battle Royale modes in Call of Duty and Apex Legends) and also lets players jump into the cockpit of a helicopter for quickly travelling across the map — just watch out for incoming rockets!

Payload Mode won’t be immediately available with the 0.15.0 update but will go live sometime after the update has been rolled out.


Other notable game updates from the patch notes include:

  • Zombie: Survive Til Dawn 2 has been “Halloweenized” with pumpkin-headed monsters and gangs of killer clowns occupying abandoned factories and strongholds. Meanwhile, The Darkest Night will be taken offline as the devs continue to finetune that mode.
  • The Desert Eagle pistol has finally arrived in PUBG Mobile! It uses .45ACP ammo with a seven round magazine and deals out 62 damage with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, extended magazine and Laser Sight attachments available.
  • The BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle replaces the Armored UAZ. This new vehicle features bulletproof tires and will keep your team better protected as you drive across land or water.
  • Fuel cans can now be used as explosive items. They will now explode when shot or damaged by throwables and can inflict damage to nearby players.
  • Players can now leap and grab onto ledges in mid air to reach higher spots. This is all about timing as you’ll have to jump and tap the jump button again when a green icon shows up on an available ledge.
  • The UMP9 has been nerfed and replaced by the UMP45 which now uses 0.45ACP ammo with reduced bullet speed and a modified firing sound.
  • The Vector has also been nerfed a bit with base damage reduced from 34 to 31. It now uses 9mm ammo with increased magazine capacity.
  • The developers have optimized weapon-loading logic to cut down on stuttering when players come into view
  • Improved graphics and smoothness on lower-end devices and reduced main thread CPU usage to cut overheating.

Once again, Tencent Games appears to have done a great job of adding new features and play modes to a game that’s already so robust and fully featured — and still entirely free-to-play. I’m interested to see what new sniper’s nests can be found using the new ledge grab mechanics, and of course I’m super excited to give the new Payload Mode a go when it launches — if only to fly around like a maniac in a helicopter.

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