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The best USB charging hubs for 2019

If you’ve ever fought with a partner, parent, or roommate over who gets to charge their smartphone next, then it’s time you bought yourself one of the best USB charging hubs in existence. We all need access to that outlet to keep our smartphones and tablets fully juiced, but there’s no need to argue. A good USB charging station will plug into a single power outlet and afford you multiple USB ports.

We’ve been testing some of the more popular USB charging hubs available, and we’ve rounded up some of the better options below, starting with the Xcentz USB charging station. Also, you may be interested in our picks for the best wireless chargers, the best fast chargers, or the best portable battery chargers if you’re looking to keep your phone juiced on the go.

Xcentz USB Charging Station

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

  • Ports: 5
  • Output: 48W
  • Cord: 4 feet

This versatile charging station offers one USB-C port rated at 3A, one USB-A port that supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, and three USB-A ports rated at 2.4A each. The total maximum is 9A for a combined output of 48W. It’s a cube design with ports on the top and a rubber base that prevents it from sliding around on your desktop. This is not one for the nightstand as each port has a green LED, but it should prove handy for a shared charging space at work or perhaps in the kitchen at home. It’s sturdy and features a fairly unobtrusive look, apart from the unfortunate Xcentz logo.

Amazon Basics 10-Port USB Wall Charger

  • Ports: 10
  • Output: 60W
  • Cord: 5 feet

There are no frills here, just 10 USB-A ports offering 2.4A each up to 12A in total for a maximum output of 60W. It’s black, slightly textured, with the Amazon Basics logo on top. There’s a long power cord supplied and a power switch on the side. It’s relatively compact considering the number of ports, but it’s also quite light and because the power cord plugs into the back it limits your placement options a bit. Still, if you need a lot of ports this is a good bet.

Nomad USB Charging Hub

  • Ports: 5
  • Output: 27W
  • Cord: 3.9 feet

Nomad‘s USB charger takes the cake in terms of design. The device’s circular, polycarbonate body, which looks like an enlarged hockey puck, sits on steel inserts and houses five USB charging ports under a discreet rubber top. It draws a maximum of 27W from a 1.2-meter cable connected to a wall source and divides it among two high-power 2.4A ports and three standard 1A ports. (Nomad says they’re compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, but notes that they don’t support rapid charging.) A handy ring of LEDs — which dim automatically at night thanks to a built-in ambient light sensor — glow orange when plugged-in devices are charging, and white when charged. The Nomad USB Charging Hub isn’t cheap, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish charger in its price range.

Zendure Travel Charger

  • Ports: 4
  • Output: 45W
  • Cord: None (plugs directly into outlet)

We’re impressed with the design of this durable USB charging hub, which also serves admirably as a travel adapter. It’s compact and portable, with four USB ports on one side and fold-out prongs to plug into a wall outlet on the other. One of the ports is USB-C and supports power delivery up to 30W, so you can charge anything from a MacBook to a Nintendo Switch. The other three USB-A ports can deliver up to 15W apiece. You also get two adapters in the box, which slot on securely to work with outlets in Europe and the U.K. The fact that it plugs in sideways can be a little awkward depending on the outlet, and you’ll find charging speeds are slower when using all four USB ports at once because the total output is limited. Nonetheless, this USB charging hub is a great value.

Sabrent Desktop USB Charger

  • Ports: 6
  • Output: 60W
  • Cord: 5 feet

If you’re looking for a USB charging hub with plenty of ports, then this desktop option from Sabrent is worth your consideration. It boasts six USB ports, each of which is rated at 2.4A, allowing for 12A total and 60W of simultaneous output. The wide base and rubber feet also ensure that it doesn’t slide around, and the USB ports are slightly angled upward, making it easy to plug in and unplug cables. The top panel is aluminum and comes in either silver or black. It’s not the most attractive hub on the market, and there’s no QC support, but it is fairly small and cheap.

RAVPower Desktop Charging Station

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

  • Ports: 5
  • Output: 60W
  • Cord: 5 feet

Here’s a USB charging hub from a trustworthy name — one that also happens to be a great deal. RAVPower’s Charging Station has five USB ports. The single USB-C port supports Power Delivery, offering up to 45W for tablets or laptops. Four additional USB-A ports are rated at 2.4A each, and you can charge using all ports simultaneously for a maximum output of 60W. It also comes with a detachable AC power cable, and there’s a green LED that lights up when it’s connected. This is a very compact charging station, so it’s a good choice if you want something portable. It even has a handy silicone base to prevent it from sliding off your desk or table.

Anker PowerPort 4

  • Ports: 4
  • Output: 40W
  • Cord: None (plugs directly into outlet)

This is going to be enough to meet most people’s needs for a busy household. You get four USB ports, and Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies ensure that your device is charged as quickly as possible without exceeding the supported rate. The maximum output for a single port is 2.4A, with a total maximum rating of 8A and a combined output of 40W. It plugs directly into the wall with fold-out prongs that slot neatly away for travel. This is an efficient, durable, and portable option. The design is functional and there’s a small, blue LED that lights up when it’s plugged in. The nice thing about this is that you can plug into any port and get up to 2.4A. Unfortunately, there’s no Qualcomm Quick Charge support.

Aukey USB Charging Station

  • Ports: 6
  • Output: 60W
  • Cord: 3.9 feet

This USB charging hub has two ports that support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard, clearly marked in orange. There are another four ports that go up to 2.4A with Aukey’s AiPower technology, so they’ll determine what rate to charge at when you plug in your device. That gives you a maximum of 9.6A and 60W output. There’s a removable power cable, that’s 3.9 feet long, which should be enough for most people. There’s also a small green LED on the side to indicate that it’s connected and ready to go.

Powkey Power Bank with AC outlets

  • Ports: 4, plus 2 AC outlets
  • Output: 200W

Powkey’s power bank isn’t pretty, but it’s very powerful, offering not only four USB ports but two AC outlets for charging larger devices when a USB just won’t do. We’re fans of the LED light system that shows just how much power is left in the charger. Also note the two available charging input options, one for a traditional outlet connection and an alternative for solar power. As you can imagine, this power bank does especially well on fishing and camping trips where you need to charge multiple gadgets. However, you will need to spend at least several hours charging this bank to capacity, so make sure you schedule enough time.


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