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Should you get mesh points with your Nest Wifi router?



Best answer: If you live in an apartment up to 2,200 square feet, one Google Nest Wifi router should be enough. For most houses up to 3,800 square feet, a Nest Wifi router and point should be sufficient with the option to add more points later.

  • For the house: Google Nest Wifi router and point ($269 at B&H)
  • Enough for an apartment: Google Nest Wifi router ($169 at Amazon)

A faster Google mesh

The Google Nest Wifi isn’t Google’s first or even second venture into home networking equipment. The Google Nest Wifi router is a continuation of what Google started with the Google Wifi line, offering a simple and straightforward approach to mesh networking. These routers have received a speed upgrade, up to 4×4 AC2200 speeds over Google Wifi at 2×2 AC1200. Basically, you’ll be able to connect more devices at once without dropping speed.


Google Nest Wifi consists of two products: the router and the point. The router has a larger coverage area than the points at 2,200 square feet vs. just 1,600 on the points. Every Google Nest mesh setup will need at least one router or a Google Wifi at the center to deliver an internet connection.

More than Wi-Fi


The Google Nest Wifi points aren’t just simple mesh points thanks to microphones and a speaker that Google describes as having “360-degree sound with 40mm driver.” The description isn’t particularly impressive but Google uses the same description for the Google Home Mini smart speaker, which manages to pump out some surprisingly decent audio. It’s not a Hi-Fi stereo but it’s great as a smart assistant or for some background music.

The Nest router isn’t equipped with this functionality, so something like Google Nest Mini or any Google Assistant enabled smart speaker can be added to the same room in order to restore that functionality. You’ll need to set it all up in the Google Home app (also available on iOS) to get all of your points connected and working.

Google Wifi compatibility

If you built a mesh network with Google Wifi, don’t worry: Google Nest Wifi retains compatibility with those routers. If you plan to upgrade your Wi-Fi setup, you should put a Google Nest router connected directly to your modem since it will be faster than Google Wifi. The Google Wifi units are still useful for bringing Wi-Fi to remote areas where speed isn’t the first concern. If you just want another mesh point with a smart speaker built in, you can simply add a point.

How many do you need?

As with most mesh systems, you can add more mesh points as needed if you find areas in your home with weak signal or you need to overpower Wi-Fi defeating elements like brick or concrete walls. For most apartments or small homes, a single router will likely be enough for Wi-Fi coverage. You can always add a standalone point later if you need more coverage. For most houses, the Nest Wifi router and point makes the most sense. If you have a very large home or a home with a basement, you may want to get two points right off the bat.

For the house

Google Nest Wifi router and point


$269 at B&H

A mesh system with a smart speaker

Google Nest Wifi with a router and point brings fast a flexible mesh Wi-Fi with room for more expansion and a smart speaker on every point.

For the apartment

Google Nest Wifi router


$169 at Amazon

Reliable Wi-Fi with expansion options

Google Nest Wifi router brings mesh capability and quick AC2200 speeds with frequent software updates and compatibility with Google Assistant.

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