Thursday, July 11, 2024

Samsung patent shows the design of an unreleased augmented reality headset


On Monday, October 21, reports emerged highlighting Apple’s work on an augmented reality headset, but Apple isn’t the only company working on the new tech. In fact, a new design patent was discovered that could give us a first look at an upcoming Samsung augmented reality headset. The patent was first spotted by Galaxy Club.

When it comes to consumer augmented reality, most companies are working towards headsets looking as natural as possible, but this headset seems to serve a different purpose. Instead, the headset looks to be something that you would wear for specific purposes, rather than simply during day-to-day activities.

As described in the patent, the headset itself would offer two displays, with one for each eye, and looks to have a cable running along the right arm. That cable could be for connecting the headset to a phone or another device, or could even connect to a module that would house processors and other internal components. Alternatively, the cable could just be for charging.

Samsung has a history in mixed reality, though it seems to have stepped away from the concept over the past few years. The company partnered with Oculus on the Gear VR headset, but the last iteration of that device was released in 2017. Not only that, but the interest in mobile VR, in general, seems to have died down a little. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung handset to be developed over the past few years that doesn’t support the tech. Google is following a similar path — while a few years ago, Google was pushing its Daydream virtual reality platform, its interest in the platform has waned, and the Pixel 4 doesn’t support Daydream.

Augmented reality, however, could change all that. The ultimate goal for augmented reality is that it will be able to display things such as maps, notifications, and more on a headset that looks like a normal pair of glasses.

Still, just because Samsung has a patent on an augmented reality headset, that doesn’t mean that one will ultimately get released. That said, over the next few years, many companies will likely launch an augmented reality product of some kind — especially considering the fact that Apple is said to be working on a device for a 2020 release.

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