Sunday, July 21, 2024

New AirPods case looks just like a retro Apple Macintosh monitor


Apple enthusiasts can now rock out with a heaping helping of nostalgia based on one of the tech company’s most iconic products. Design company Elago has recently come out with a new AirPods case that mimics the shape of an old-school Apple Macintosh monitor.

According to 9to5Toys, the new AirPods case is known as AW3 and was designed to resemble “the beloved 1984 Macintosh.” The Macintosh-inspired design also notably sports the phrase “hello” on the front of the monitor’s screen, a reference to the computer’s classic greeting. The “hello” phrase included on this case even matches the original Macintosh font for it.

The case itself features wireless charging, a green notification light (to let you when it’s done charging your AirPods), an antislip coating within the cap, and, as Elago’s product listing notes, the case is also made of an “impact-resistant silicone material.” The AW3 AirPods case is compatible with first- and second-generation Apple AirPods. It also supports the use of a Lightning cable. And despite its bulky and boxy looking design, the case is still very portable, with a height of 57mm.

This isn’t Elago’s first foray into developing retro-style Apple product accessories. The design company has developed a wide variety of nostalgia-inspired accessories, including an Apple watch stand that resembles a Game Boy. And the AW3 case isn’t the only retro-Mac inspired creation from Elago. There’s even an Apple watch stand designed to look like a 1998 iMac that comes in the same shades of neon blue and pink as the late 1990s iMacs.

The AW3 AirPods case can be purchased either on Amazon or via the Elago website. It’s worth noting however, that the case is not currently in stock at Amazon, but it is expected to be restocked by October 29. The “fastest delivery date” is currently listed on the Amazon product page as Saturday, November 2. If you purchase it from Amazon, the price will be $13. The case is currently in stock on the Elago website, but it costs $14 there. Both vendors only appear to offer the case in one color: White. But both vendors also offer a one-year replacement warranty.

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