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How to enable and use Lockdown mode on the Pixel 4



One of the most significant changes to Google’s Pixel line this year is the removal of the fingerprint sensor in favor of a new depth-mapped Face Unlock, but with it comes a significant security issue: the Pixel 4 can be unlocked by your face even when your eyes are closed or looking away. Luckily, if that’s concerning to you, there’s a software feature called Lockdown that quickly disables biometrics and Smart Lock.

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  • Pure Android bliss: Google Pixel 4 ($800 at Amazon)

How to enable Lockdown

Enabling Lockdown is as simple as jumping into the system settings on the Pixel 4. Once it’s been enabled, you won’t have to launch it from the settings every time; instead, it’ll conveniently show up in the power menu.


Open the Settings app.
Tap Display, then drop down additional options by tapping Advanced.
At the bottom of the screen, tap Lock screen display.
Under What to Show, toggle Show lockdown option on.

That’s it! All that’s left to do to enable Lockdown is hold down the power button to open the power menu. You’ll see Lockdown as a new option, denoted by a padlock icon. Once you tap it, Face Unlock will stop working and you’ll need to revert to your PIN or password to unlock the phone. Smart Lock is also disabled while Lockdown is on, preventing the phone from unlocking around familiar Bluetooth devices or locations, and notifications will no longer show up on the lockscreen for privacy’s sake.

The next time you unlock your phone, Lockdown turns off automatically — easy as that!

The phone used in this guide

Pure Android bliss

Google Pixel 4


$800 at Amazon

The most Google phone ever.

The Pixel 4 is the embodiment of Google’s vision for Android, with sleek hardware, a top-class display, and one of the best mobile photography experiences around. Being a Google phone, the Pixel 4 is also the first in line for any new versions of Android.

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