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Here are some of the best RPGs currently available on PS4


Uh oh! It’s game night but your D&D group canceled. Fortunately for you, there are other ways to scratch your role-playing itch. If you’re looking for some great RPGs for your PlayStation 4 then you don’t need to look any further than this list.


The Outer Worlds


Obsidian is back with New Vegas in space! All joking aside, The Outer Worlds is, in fact, its own entity with only the best parts of our favorite Obsidian games brought back and updated. With this probably being the last Obsidian game we will see on PS4, it’s a pretty good way to go out.

$60 at Amazon

The Gold Standard

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Staff pick


Don’t let its age fool you. Despite releasing in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still one of the best when it comes to RPGs on console. CD Projekt RED created an incredibly immersive fantasy world full of wonder, intrigue, mysteries, and a cast of compelling characters. It really doesn’t get better than this, and the graphics hold up well even all these years later. This is one story you shouldn’t miss out on.

$34 at Amazon

Dragonborn heroics

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


With how many times Bethesda has re-released this, you’d think it’s already been beaten to death. But there’s a reason it’s so popular: it’s just that good. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another RPG you can sink hundreds of hours into with the freedom that Skyrim gives you. The story itself is a bit lackluster, but the world and its inhabitants is what really drags you in and keeps hold of you until it’s 3AM and you wonder how you wasted the day away.

$17 at Amazon

In it for the romances

Dragon Age: Inquisition


If Skyrim or The Witcher doesn’t quite tickle your fantasy RPG fancy, it’s time for you to try out Dragon Age: Inquisition. Like all good BioWare games, there is of course romances that you can pursue between several party members whether you’re looking for someone of the same or opposite sex. It also has a pretty interesting story about saving the land from a breach in reality that’s unleashing demons, so that’s cool too.

$20 at Amazon

Adventures in Ancient Greece

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


Assassin’s Creed isn’t a series known for its role-playing mechanics, but Odyssey changed that by mixing up the—admittedly stale—franchise formula. You get the best of both worlds by experiencing Ubisoft’s attention to detail in its recreations of historical locations along with the added benefit of tailoring your character’s journey as you see fit. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey introduces the ability to choose the assassin you play as—Alexios or Kassandra—and it features dialogue choices.

$20 at Amazon

An instant isometric classic

Divinity: Original Sin II – Definitive Edition


Developer Larian Studios really knocked it out of the park with this isometric RPG. Originally designed for PC, Divinity: Original Sin II – Definitive Edition features updated controls on PS4 that were specifically designed for consoles. Its complexity in its menus and gameplay may feel overwhelming for newcomers, but that’s also part of what makes it so fun to play.

$20 at Amazon

Bethesda’s last good Fallout

Fallout 4


I’m not sure what else I can say here other than: “This isn’t Fallout 76, so you should be happy.” Fallout 4 may not be the best Fallout game (Yes, I’m talking about New Vegas), but Obsidian’s baby, unfortunately, isn’t available on PS4 unless you subscribe to PS Now. So until then, enjoy your journey through post-apocalyptic Boston, and all of the jank that comes with a good old Bethesda game. At least it supports mods. (Despite what I may say, Fallout 4 is by no means a bad game.)

$15 at Amazon

The final adventure

Kingdom Hearts 3


Join Sora and his pals on an epic quest across the lands of Disney to defeat Organization XIII and Master Xehanort. Kingdom Hearts 3 introduces locations based on the worlds of Tangled and Big Hero 6 to the franchise for the first time. Pick up your Keyblade and get ready to fight for your life alongside Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Riku.

$25 at Amazon

Heavy themes

NieR: Automata


Developer PlatinumGames uses NieR as an opportunity to work in the language of gaming to create a lush and stunning meta-portrait of the medium itself. If gaming were to gaze into a mirror and find that it was staring back, then this game would be the end result. As an expansion of the Drakengard series, NeiR: Automata does not require you to play all the previous titles in the series.

$27 at Amazon

Better than Jurassic Park

Monster Hunter: World


Capcom managed to take the popular action RPG series and give it an approachability the series has never had until now with Monster Hunter: World. Travel to the New World to stalk and take down massive and stunning monsters. As you progress you will use resources from the monsters you slay in order to create weapons and gear to go on greater and more dangerous expeditions.

$20 at Amazon

The indie darling



Undertale is one man’s love letter to RPG games. Developed and published by Toby Fox, it was originally released on PC in 2015 and saw a PlayStation version come out in 2017. Undertale has garnered much praise and awards for its innovative gameplay and writing. While it may not be the most beautiful RPG on this list it is certainly dripping with charm. The writing is at once fun and goofy while still maintaining a certain heart and beauty.

$15 at PlayStation

A slice of anime

Persona 5


The sixth game in the Persona series, Persona 5 easily stands out as one of the best JRPG games in the last decade. As one would come to expect, Persona 5 has a gorgeous anime visual style, solid turn-based combat mechanics, and a dash of social simulation. Take on the role of the main character Joker, transfer to Shujin Academy and discover and learn to harness your Persona powers.

$19 at Amazon

Dark Souls but Lovecraftian



If you’re looking for an action RPG that doesn’t hold your hand then you might want to consider Bloodborne. In fact, not only does it refrain from holding your hand, it might slap it every now and then. If you played either Demon Souls or Dark Souls and found that sort of granular combat enjoyable then you are going to love Bloodborne as well.

$16 at Amazon

The best RPG for you

Hopefully, at least a few of these games can keep you satiated until when you can get back to some classic pen and paper role-playing. Or maybe you will be so ensconced in your new PS4 RPG that you will have to be the one to cancel the next D&D session. Start by exploring another world, or worlds, by picking up The Outer Worlds, which brings back some of the best parts of Obsidian RPGs into a new, shiny package.

Or, consider getting lost in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Yes, it’s one of the older games on this list and has released on nearly every modern console in existence, but that’s just because of how loved it is. But don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

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