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Google Nest Mini pictures reveal a built-in wall mount and familiar design


A more powerful speaker also seems likely.


What you need to know

  • WinFuture has provided renders and promotional images of the Google Nest Mini.
  • This is the successor to the Google Home Mini, and it has a built-in wall mount.
  • The Nest Mini will likely be announced on October 15 alongside the Pixel 4.

Google’s long-awaited Pixel 4 event finally takes place on October 15, and we can’t wait for the phone to be official following an endless stream of leaks over the last few months. There’s been talk of a refreshed Google Home Mini that will be announced alongside the Pixel 4, and today, we have our best look yet at the new smart speaker.

First thing’s first, this new speaker goes by the name of “Google Nest Mini.” In an alternate universe, this would be the Google Home Mini 2, but as we’ve previously seen with the Nest Hub rebrand, the Nest brand is being used to gradually encompass all of the company’s smart home gadgets.

Visually, the Nest Mini is virtually indistinguishable from the Home Mini. It has the exact same dimensions as its predecessor and appears to be available in the same four colors — Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and Aqua.

The biggest change has to do with the underside of the Nest Mini, as this now features a built-in wall mount so you can place the speaker just about anywhere in your home. It’s also said that the Nest Mini has a larger 15W power supply compared to the Home Mini’s 9W one, indicating that a more powerful speaker could be present, too.

Outside of those two changes, the rest of the Nest Mini appears to be the exact same as the Home Mini. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and it should allow the Nest Mini to retain the same ultra-low $49 retail price.

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