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Google Fi may soon add multi-SIM support for even faster network switching


The capability will allow Google Fi users to enjoy faster network switching and more reliable connections.


What you need to know

  • Google Fi is working on enabling faster network switching by adding multi-SIM support.
  • The “multi-SIM auto switching” functionality is expected to become available sometime in the near future.
  • Since devices with two physical SIM slots are rare in the U.S., the functionality will be available on devices having an additional virtual eSIM.

One of the biggest selling points of the Google Fi service is its ability to actively switch between different networks based on which one offers the strongest signal at the time. 9to5Google now reports that Google is working on further improving the network switching time by adding multi-SIM support to its MVNO service.

The folks at 9to5Google found some user-facing strings for the feature in the version 20 of the Google Fi companion app that was released earlier this week. Google will enable “faster network switching” by “having Fi use both of your phone’s SIMs.” Since most manufacturers do not sell phones with two physical SIM slots in the U.S., Google is more likely referring to devices featuring a physical SIM slot and a virtual eSIM.

While the strings for the feature, codenamed “starburst” are present in the version 20.0 of the Google Companion app, the functionality isn’t yet available. Since it is currently being tested by Google, we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes several weeks before the capability is rolled out. Once the functionality is added, users will see a “Maximize networks” option under Settings within the Google Fi companion app.

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